SHE READING: pleasure is your birthright


Unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me. So the moon is coming into her fullness + today's pull from the SASSY SHE oracle cards is: PLEASURE

SHE SAYS: In order for you to claim your throne as queen (which is absolutely what you are, and your throne is your pelvic bowl, your seat of SHE power) you need to come into full and loving connection with it. So many women are SO disconnected from 'down-there' that they'd rather let someone else touch them or put fingers inside them -doctors/partners/lovers- than touch themselves. Now, pleasure isn't ALL about sex + touching ourselves, but our vulva is so sensitive and receptive and connecting with her means you're able to to truly feel and make decisions from her, and they will be intuitive + potent decisions, I promise. And the best suggestion I have to do this is to claim back your birthright + receive self-nourishing pleasure. When you're able to receive self-love + experience pleasure without thinking it's dirty or wrong, you're able to open yourself up to receive in ALL the ways - physically, emotionally AND spiritually. This may seem wild, but it only seems wild because you've been shamed and conditioned NOT to touch. Yet pleasure, receiving + allowing are natural female states and when women fully embody them, women fully embody their SHE Power. Imagine a world where all women remembered that they were not meant to give, give, give until their well was empty...Where they remembered that they were natural receivers of ecstasy and pleasure...Where there was no guilt or shame about their lady landscape because women owned their thrones, set boundaries and made all their intuitive life decisions from their place of pleasure...That's the world that you're creating when you rub both your clitoris and your third eye simultaneously.

SHE MEDICINE: 🔻 Chocolate - because... 🔻 Aura Soma number 4 to help us pursue a path to inner wisdom 🔻 Snowflake Obsidian + red temple crystals to protect, heal + support

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