SHE READING: Messy-ness, trust + wholeness


Insight + wisdom direct from SHE through me. Wowzers. The world is crazy right now, isn't it? The uncertainty + fear is causing a lot of people to act from that place - me included - so when I pulled from today's SASSY SHE Oracle Cards I wished for the Peace card, instead I got FIERCE. I then felt called to reach for my medicine woman tarot (I LOVE this deck) and I got COMMAND. Okay, let's do this.

SHE SAYS: Know source, know yourself as source. Make this your mantra, because ultimately, right now it's ALL about trust + wholeness. ALL OF IT. Womenkind have been persecuted, blamed + shamed for trusting themselves + their body wisdom so it makes total sense that so many of us are are afraid to GO THERE. Except that's the very thing we've got to do. And there's a good chance that as you negotiate + navigate it, we might say the wrong thing. You, we, will ALL say the wrong thing. This is what showing up in our wholeness is all about. It's messy. The world is messy. We're all messy. NONE fo this is going to be graceful or 'clean' - it requires you to get down + dirty with the divine, to mud-wrestle, to make a mess and to have deep compassion for yourself and for others as they process it and figure it out too. You WILL change your mind. You will be inconsistent. It's ALL okay. Or at least we have to make it all okay, otherwise nothing can heal, ourselves OR the world.

SHE MEDICINE FOR THE WEEK AHEAD: 🔻bare feet in nature as often as possible. 🔻use obsidian crystal as protection for when people can't deal with your messiness. It's inevitable but know that SHE's got you. 🔻 Palo Santo because smudging is a really good idea right now.

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