SHE READING: Let it be easy


The moon is waning and despite the fact you're feeling like there is so much to 'do', she's calling you inwards, there's more questions than answers and that mist we spoke about last week STILL hasn't lifted, right?That's because we're entering into the dark moon phase before the new moon in Aries this Thursday.

Aries juju is ripe for new beginnings, for taking risks and being in action, but our pull from the ‪SASSY SHE oracle cards is PEACE.

MANTRA FOR THE WEEK AHEAD: let it be easy.

You'll be feeling pushed and pulled in ALL directions. You'll find yourself caught up in drama that has nothing to do with you, there will be a speed to what you're being asked to do in the world and it might not feel entirely comfortable, oh, and you'll feel like you have to wear a game face to deal. Don't. Express yourself exactly as you are, in this moment. Seriously, be at ease with the questions and the not knowing that's currently stirring inside you, can you do that? Can you let it be easy? That's all I'm asking from you, in the midst of chaos, turmoil + not knowing, can you loosen your grip on having it ALL figured out? Can you soften to the idea of not knowing what the fuck is going?

Can you let it be easy?

SHE MEDICINE FOR THE WEEK AHEAD: 🔻phone or IRL conversations with friends who lift you and inspire you - soul nourishment + sister support is vital in letting it be easy. 🔻crystal Quartz - Quartz is an amplifier of good juju so hold a piece and repeat your mantra 'let it be easy' - and anytime shiz feels hard this week, hold it to your heart + give it a squeeze. 🔻mumma Mary is my go-to go girl when I need to bring it all back to basics, when I need to drop the complications and connect directly with source.

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