SHE READING: don't be afraid of the dark


Unedited insight and wisdom from SHE through me. As the Scorp full moon energy starts to wane, we're being called inwards. Yep every waning moon every pre-menstrual phase of your menstrual cycle is an invitation inwards, to come home to yourself each and every cycle, but today's pull is an invitation to go deeper, to go where there is no light. Today's SASSY SHE Oracle Card pull is DARKNESS.

SHE SAYS: Go THERE. You know where. THERE. I dare you. The place where you worry you might be judged, where emotions might spill over, where you may be perceived as too much, too powerful, a bitch. Go THERE. Fuck the light, get dark. It's okay not to please everyone. It's okay not to be a carbon copy of society's version of pretty. It's okay to be mad that you're not society's version of pretty. It's okay to be mad at patriarchy for making you feel bad for not being society's version of pretty AND every single fucking variation of THIS story.

SHE has been dis-membered and put in the dark and we've been told to fear the dark so that we won't go looking for her, for ourselves, for our true essence, for our power.

Loves, it's time for us to re-member.

SHE MEDICINE 🔻volcanic rock - do not be afraid to start fires this week, sister. 🔻Tourmaline - use this for protection when those patriarchal fears of the dark threaten to stop you diving deep into your darkness. 🔻Bloodstone - this stone will protect you from deception + help see straight to the truth of the matter.

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