Read about Manifest a Man in Soul & Spirit

I LOVE writing for Soul & Spirit magazine - I've shared the story of my firewalk, my experience with the Goddess, Gypsy Magic, now this issue, I'm sharing my Manifesting a Man secrets. Yep, buy this issue of S&S and you'll be able to read how I literally conjured up my very own Viking o' gorgeousness - have you seen the trailer for the movie Thor? Well, he's that, but without the flowing blonde locks -YUMMO - how I passed on my process to gal-pal, Dianne and she magicked up a long-haired man of loveliness and most importantly, how you can too! Go buy the magazine now, then come back and sign up for the Manifest a Man eCourse - you can't argue with the results, and with me as your wing-girl, you can't fail!

Authentic, SensualLisa