Raw food detox

raw-food-diet Raw. Food. Detox.

These are not words that would have EVER entered my vocab over a year ago, but since setting off on my ever-so bumpy road trip to health and well-being, I am LOVING investigating all the delicious options available to help a girl in the world.

Enter Saskia o' Raw Food Freedom.


This girl kicks ass. Probably harder than most what with her being so super-strong from living a raw food lifestyle and all. Now, the concept o' living on total raw food scares the living beezubz out o' me, but thanks to Saskia, she eliminates the fear factor and shows raw food phobes like me what is do-able in a totally do-able way...

Come meet her. She's raaaaaaaaw-licious.

How did you discover your love stuff for raw food and its ability to change lives? I originally became interested in raw food back in 2005, but it took me another 3 years and a life-changing car accident to actually motivate myself to really give it a go. I was going through life feeling low on energy, high on stress and lacking in self-confidence when the most profound event of my life happened. I was on road trip in Argentina with my mum and two of my sisters when our car rolled, killing one of my sisters, breaking my other sister’s spine and putting me in intensive care. After the accident all I wanted was to learn to love myself, to be deep-down happy and healthy and to help others do the same. When I discovered raw food I felt so alive and happy, physically, emotionally and spiritually, that I knew I had to teach others about this self-empowering, life-affirming way of eating.

For raw food phobes like me, you have a programme of wonder, tell us about it... It's called '6 Weeks to More Energy & Loving the Skin You're In'. The programme is a guided raw food detox for busy women who want to re-energise, de-stress and increase confidence. 6 weeks of high raw shopping lists, menu plans and recipes take all the brain-ache out of eating super healthily. Weekly telephone coaching means you feel confident and supported as you discover raw food and experience the amazing mind, body and spirit results of this deep cleanse. It's a practical programme for real women who want to reconnect with themselves.

Why do busy women need this more than most? As a busy woman you're usually trying to juggle work, domestics and family, leaving no time for yourself. It's easy to think 'I have to keep going', but this nearly always ends up in burnout and a feeling of complete disconnection from what you really want in life. You use coffee and sugary foods to give you energy and a glass of wine to relax you, comfort eating instead of sticking to a healthy diet. This actually depletes your energy even more, fogs your brain and makes your moods erratic. None of this helps you when you’re trying to fit a million and one things into your life. Busy women need to know about raw food more than anyone! What are the benefits of both the course and eating raw food? Eating a high raw diet boosts your energy and gets your skin glowing. You become less stressed as your blood sugar levels balance out and you become nourished on a cellular level. You begin to love your body as you get closer to your natural weight. Aches, pains and nagging illnesses that you’ve had for years often disappear. '6 Weeks to More Energy & Loving the Skin You’re In' is an amazing gift to yourself because you start to nurture yourself from the inside out. The programme gives you structure, accountability and support to eat super healthily for 6 whole weeks. It’s phone and internet based so you can do it wherever you live, and you get confident about making raw food in your own kitchen. All you need to get started is a knife, a chopping board and a hand blender or equivalent!

How do we sign up?! You can find all the programme details and book at www.rawfreedomdetox.com If you’d like to discuss whether the programme is right for you then I’d love to talk to you! Book a complimentary telephone consultation with me here www.rawfreedom.checkappointments.com

FYI: This is not an affiliate programme, I don't get freebies or money back for pimpin' Saskia. I think she rocks and I love what she does and thought you guys would dig on her too, 'k?!! I know, I'm literally the gift that keeps giving, right?