SHE-rarrrrr, NOT She-Ra. Although both are

1454994_10201021844213872_1472889202_nCan you hear it? Maybe you can feel it. It’s familiar, yet it feels new. It’s a sense of deep knowing, yet it feels like you’ve forgotten something really freakin’ important. SHE is calling.

It’s time.

Y’see, you’ve got sacred super-powers. Powerful, intuitive, potent, fiercely feminine superpowers. What’s that? You didn’t know? Don’t fret, it’s not your fault, dudekind got a whole lot of fearful of these powers over 2,000 years ago and for years, our stories, our truths, our wisdom have been distorted, censored, burned and unheard.

It’s caused us to hate, cut, add to and mutate our body as we endlessly strive for someone else’s idea of so-called perfection, we ignore our deepest needs as women because we no longer trust that we know ourselves, we look outside ourselves for the answers and we self-medicate with drugs/food/alcohol/shopping.

I call bullshit.

Nine years ago, I didn’t like my body, I was striving so hard to be and do in an industry that made money from women feeling bad about themselves, I discovered I had endometriosis, I was with a dude that didn’t get me, my bleed was heavy, all consuming and hurt like a motherlover, sex was painful, orgasms were non-existent, and do you know what? I didn’t altogether like being a woman. I realise now this was a call from SHE. (Sometimes, I wish g-friend could just pick up the phone, y’know? All she had to do was shout ‘Lisa, this is how it is. I need you to unpack, decode and articulate what it is to be a woman and then share it with the world, yeah? Oh, and if you could also make ancient feminine wisdom accessible to modern day ladykind? Well that would be all kinds o’ awesome. Ciao chica!’) ‘Cept that’s not how SHE rolls. Which is why I’ve been on a 9 year adventure that through sisterhood, story sharing, ancient wisdom, truth telling, ritual and SHE-led embodyment practices, has led me to here. To this. My SHE power.

The SASSY SHE Sessions 

This, ladylove, is the work. Each month for six months, you  + me + the SASSY SHE. (That is quite the threesome) will combine soul medicine, truth and SASSY sorcery to uncover all that is wild, cyclical, fierce and untamed about being a woman. In our immersion together, we’ll go deep. We will laugh, I will probably swear a bit and we’ll explore your lady landscape. That’s not a euphemism, but it totally should be. 

We will:

  • Explore your monthly cycle, it’s rhythms and how it can become a blessing and not a curse. Fo’ real. (if you no longer have a cycle, or a womb, there’s still so much we can explore regarding all things cyclic. This stuff is super-powerful.)
  • Learn to track your cycle and craft your life in complete alignment with your ladykind rhythms for energy, ease, creativity, and success. (Seriously, my husband, the viking, believes this is the no. 1 secret to our relationship being so incredible. Fact.)
  • Make bitchcraft a ‘thing’. So often we’re told to contain our anger, envy, grief, and shame, because it’s dark and not healthy. Together we will shine a light in the dark places, harness the power o’ Lilith, you’ll own what’s yours and release what no longer serves you. From here on in, we’re only interested in the white hot truth.
  • Connect with your intuition. Because well, it’s a ladykind birthright. 
  • Make life choices from a place of deep knowing and not fear.
  • Discover bespoke She-led em-body-ment practices that will hook up your womb – your menstrual cycle, your gut – your intuition, and your heart – your inner compass. When these three power sources combine, it unleashes the innate awesomeness of the most kick-ass members o’ ladykind who have gone before you; goddesses, priestesses, creatrixes, artists, word weavers, sorceresses and activists, and that? well that’s when your SHE Power is unfurled and released.

If you’re reading this, and there’s a pull in your heart and a fizz in your belly, you’re ready. Something is waking up inside of you. For every woman, the stirring looks/feels different but there’s a force, deep underneath it all, that wants you to fully claim your SHE power. A power YOU-nique-to-you that you are able to fully step into when you connect with your menstrual cycle, come into relationship with your beautiful body no matter what shape or form it come in and stake your claim in the world by telling your deepest, heart-thumping truth, no matter how messy and imperfect that might look and feel.

To find out more about the SASSY SHE journey, hit up this link -

I would love to hear your insights and experiences of what it means to you to be a woman in the world right now…big, super-loaded question, I know, but would love for you to share what instantly comes up for you.

Oh, and if you’re a dude reading this? High fives, you rock – a dude in his true divine masculine power knows that knowing this will makes him a whole lot o’ awesome. Wink.