Raising awareness

endo010309 I feel like I've been doing a crazy amount o' sharing here at Sassy recently, but as this week has been Endometriosis Awareness Week, it seems only right for me to share my own experience...

"...For years I suffered the most painful periods, very painful sex and well...lots o' icky pain stuff. It was not good. The doctor wrote me off as 'unlucky' and sent me away with painkillers. Then two years ago, after months of increasing pain, sleepless nights and getting very familiar with my hot water bottle, I decided to see a different doctor to see if they could help. I was referred to the hospital where I had a laparoscopy to confirm I had Endometriosis.

Sadly, my partner at the time wasn't too understanding and was more concerned about his lack of action in the bedroom - boo to him - like I didn't have enough to contend with? The sleep deprivation made me grumpy, I comfort ate and gained weight and generally felt a whole lot o' rubbish about myself which continued to affect my sex drive and self esteem.

Actually, it was probably the reason for my relationship breaking down, which, at the time was sucky and horrible, but now, I'm really rather glad it did, as I have a beau who 'totally' gets it. He understands that I might get a bit grumpy when I'm in pain, he won't let me throw pity parties for myself but he will give me hugs and kisses and do the washing up when I need to curl up under the duvet.

In the past it's deffo affected my friendships - there's only so many times people will take 'no, I can't come out, I'm uncomfy' as an excuse. It's effected work and just generally made me feel a li'l bit un-sassy.

Meeting the beau has changed my life in a whole lot o' ways, but right now, he's now my partner in feel-good fitness. Yep, you read right, I'm now officially a gym bunny. I am a lady o' curve and I'm VERY proud of it, but over the last two years, I'm at a weight that's uncomfy and not healthy, so I've joined a gym as a gift to myself. I NEVER thought I'd hear myself say those words...EVER. I'll be sharing the whole gym experience with y'all over the coming weeks, but just so you know, it's a li'l bit amazing. I'm really enjoying the challenge, and despite my ability to shed a litre o' sweat, it helps to distract me from the pain..."

The first ever awareness video was launched today by the World Endometriosis Society - help raise awareness, share this video, talk about it with your g-friends...

Endometriosis from Endometriosis.org on Vimeo.