Psychic abilities and intuition

Psychic Way_high Do you ever get a gut feeling about something? Do you act on it, or simply just ignore it? As members o' girlkind we all have a huge-ass gift, it's called intuition, and if we let it, it can help guide us in the path o' awesomeness.

Enter Barbara Ford Hammond.

Her book, The Psychic Way is filled with the techniques that Barbara demonstrates and teaches during her retreats and workshops, that were developed as a fun way to meld the esoteric with the corporate. Barbara shows how to understand your mind using hypnotic meditative techniques that lead naturally to expansion of self-awareness and inner abilities are switched on in a fun easy manner. The Psychic Way is everything you need to know about being super-intuitive plus how to use the knowledge for pleasure or to ensure success in business - pretty cool, huh?

Come meet her, she rocks.

Describe Barbara Ford Hammond in a tweet... Lover of life. Opinionated. Kind. Transient. Can manage to write or tweet to exact word count whether writing sensibly or talking nonsense.

You are author o' brand new book The Psychic Way - can you tell us a bit about it and why you wrote it? It led on from my psychic development salons. I thought it would be good to have everything we did, available in a book and then if people choose, they can work through the exercises alone or in groups.

I am keen to normalise psychic related happenings and keep it real. Pleased to report that people are saying nice things about the book: including teenagers. They are often the hardest audience! So, what is intuition and how can we tap into it? Intuition is ‘just knowing’. Entrepreneurs refer to it as gut instinct or having the knack; knowing a deal will be good without necessarily having back-up figures to hand. Most of us have experienced meeting someone who we immediately like or dislike. Also there are the times when we should have trusted our instincts but didn’t. Regret is often avoidable.

An easy way to tap into your own intuition is to slow down a little and become an observer of yourself. Notice feelings, thoughts and body sensations when you meet new people or have new experiences. Think about how you felt on entering different buildings or visited new places. You’ll soon be able to tune in and be in the flow.

As well as being an author-girl, you're a publisher too - tell us all about your imprints: 6th Books and Psyche Books... Both are imprints within John Hunt Publishing and I am the first port of call for authors who are seeking publication in the genres of each.

6th covers parapsychology and the paranormal and Psyche deals with psychology and the mind. If I receive a book idea or query that looks promising I invite the author to complete a more thorough proposal as the first stage towards possible publication.

I am always on the lookout for talented authors to join our happy band! How did you discover your passion for all things psychic and paranormal? I grew up thinking everyone saw auras and knew about chakras and the like. As a small child, I didn’t have the language to describe the ‘splodges’ but I learnt early on that it wasn’t polite to tell people what was happening or to query their fibs. When I was in my early teens I realised that either people didn’t know what others were thinking or going through or they were choosing to ignore everything that wasn’t clearly black and white. I then let myself tune out for most of the time. It all popped up again when I began studying psychology and hypnotherapy in the late eighties/early nineties. It came back in force when I opened my clinic 20 years ago.

I don’t talk with or pass messages on from the dearly departed. I am not a medium. This is something that gets muddled with many people thinking that all psychics talk to the dead. What's the best advice you've ever been given? If you can’t be nice, be quiet. I have another now courtesy of the RAF and it is, ‘Man up! Skin’s waterproof!’ This works on so many levels. What would your superpower be and why? Invisibility. I like mischief and lots of fun could be had but if I were being grown-up with it I could affect crime. In a good way! What books are currently on your to-read list? I always have lots on the go. Sometimes I crave knowledge and other times I want to laugh or escape into fantasy. The authors on my bed cupboard at the moment are: Bill Bryson, Dawn French, David Starkey, Philippa Gregory, Bettany Hughes and Katherine Webb. I get much pleasure reading through new book proposals and doing reader reports for the other imprints and can read from anything: computer, Kindle, ipad, phone as well as actual books and magazines.

Who and what rocks your world? My family. What's your life motto? Enjoy the ride. Quick fire round: What's your favourite EVER... Book: The Gruffalo Movie: Moulin Rouge Song: At the moment is Delilah - Go Place to hang: Warm beach City: New York Website: this one :) - my likes change by the day TV show: Weeds and Green Wing

What does the term Sassy mean to you? Strong, confident, classy.

What's next in the world o' Barbara? I have contracts for 2 books for the Made Easy Series: Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. I am in the midst of planning workshops and retreats for next year and I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time in Greece.

Coming up in the New Year is a fabulous writing competition that Prediction Magazine and 6th Books are running.

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