Prod love: Stella pug

Hi, my name's Lisa and I'm obsess-o 'bout pugs.I live in a flat, so having the dog o' my dreams, who will be called Frodo and love his mumma very much, is not an option right now, but it's okay, because I've discovered the answer to my pug-dog prayers.

Are you ready? Prepare for the awesome cuteness that is....The Stella Dog.



This silver-sequinned Stella pug is a bag o' beauty and has angel wings. I. AM. IN. LOVE.


There's a purse-friendly version too and it's from Fuzzy Nation online and is priced at £14.99. Don't you just love him?! If like me, you fell deep into these doggy eyes, you will ADORE the rest of the range, so even if you don't dig pugs, (really though? Is that actually possible?) there are other freakily fabu dogs to choose from...I'm also rather taken by the leopard-print Chinese Crested Leopard wristlet - ca-ute. Fuzzy Nation model their pieces on a TON of doggy breeds from Pugs and Poodles to Terriers and Chihuahuas, there's something for every doggy lover and they make amazing gifts - hint hint!

Fuzzy Nation creations are available online and also from AdHoc London - hurrah!