Powerful pussies + big hearts


I've not been sleeping well this week.For countless reasons, but the main one is this, I've recently written a book about how a woman's truth + power lies between her thighs - in her pussy, I'm currently writing a book about the persecution of women. Now, I'm blessed to live in a time where we can remember, reconnect + reclaim. I'm sick to my stomach to live in a time where a man who potentially could be the leader of the 'free world' talks about women + their pussies in such a degrading way + it's written off as 'boy banter.' He is the epitome of, in fact he's the orange-faced poster child of, the patriarchal structure that's being dismantled ever time a woman takes back her power + shouts, 'this pussy bites back, T***p.' Watching this play out would be almost amusing as he, along with others like him, cling desperately to the out-of-date paradigms + belief systems that has fed over-puffed egos for centuries. Except it's not funny. And as the feminine wakes, fully rooted after being pushed underground for the past 3,000+ years by patriarchy, shit WILL get continually unfunny. For a while at least. Such is the nature of transition. That's a LOT of conditioning that has to unravel + come undone, right there. Look, I don't love Hilary. I'm under no illusion she's the 'answer', (far from it) I'm not a US voter. For me this isn't about the election, honestly? Either one in charge seems like a scary + shady prospect to me, I am a woman though, and while I know essentially what follows is a campaign speech for Hilary, (shit lady, you're lucky you've got MO on your team) this speech pretty much sums up the not-okay-ness of T***p + his behaviour + for me at least what truth + power ACTUALLY looks like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7e3QKKOp50 There is much still to do, it IS going to get messy + we need to call back + claim our power to do it. Women, it lies between your thighs. Dudes, it's your big beating, caring, respectful warrior hearts. Call back your power, NOW. The world need powerful pussies + big hearts more than ever right now.