How to become a manifesting maven

ovualtionSo, there was a time when I was obsess-o about all things self-help. I had a relationship with Tony Robbins that meant we slept together EVERY night, (seriously, I would not go to bed without an hour fix o' Tony speaking inspiring motivation at me through my headphones - I would literally raise my hand and shout 'I' in my sleep) any course that promised to make my life better I wanted in on it, and my book shelves could rival that o’ the Waterstones self-help section hands down. Things got REALLY interesting for me when I watched The Secret. I loved The Secret. I made vision boards, I turned bills into cheques and I developed a really rather awesome ability to order up car parking spaces. Turned out I was pretty awesome at manifesting.

In fact, I became quite the manifesting maven when I realised it could be combined with the spell work and witchery I'd do at the new and full moon. If you’ve read my book SASSY, you’ll know that I even used full moon magick (or as one of my readers has re-named it, moonifesti magic - how awesome is that?) to manifest my hot viking husband. Yep, in the time it took the moon to orbit the earth from full moon to full moon, I manifested a hot viking who would become my husband. My forever dude. Right down to the 6ft 6-ness, the beard, the glasses and his ridiculously romantic ability to write like an olden days poet. This shiz is potent.

But what I’ve realised in the last five years since becoming a menstruation geek girl, is that manifesting is actually one of the most incredible feminine super powers, which can be harnessed not to just manifest parking spaces (which is obviously super helpful and kinda fun) or a hot Viking (although I totally recommend it) but to actually make a HUGE difference in the world. Which is why I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to join me this Thursday for Class 2 o' the Crack Your Lady Code series: Become a Manifesting Maven.

Yep, when you work with your menstrual cycle, and not against it, you can be totally captivating in any situation, you can take on the world super-woman style and you can conjure up your dream job, ideal clients or maybe even a cheeky hot date. Basically, you get the opportunity to be Queen o’ the Freakin’ Universe EVERY month.

The problem is, in today's society we're told what we want and need on a minute by minute basis, so we seek access to this manifesting power ALL the time. And that? Well, that's just not possible. Self help-books and movies like The Secret tell us we can simply ask and it’ll be given, and there's definitely an element o' truth to that, (although I believe there's also a few more ingredients you need to actually make that possible) but what I HAVE discovered is that there is however, an 8 to 10 day period of time, each cycle, when you have the capacity to step fully into your manifesting maven power and create. Create art, create words, create life, create incredible abundance - how awesome is that?!

In this 60 minute webinar/live class, you will gain access to phase two o’ the four-part lady code. (If you missed the first class, click here for all the deets.)

We will explore ovulation in super-practical ‘what’s going on in my body?’ terms, we will delve deep into the secrets, myths and archetypes that this part of your cycle evoke, how you can use them to activate your SASSY – Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual, Sensational YOU – and discover how you can piece it all together to unlock your Manifesting Maven superpower and use it for good in your business, in your relationships, and in your life.


What you’ll learn in this 60-Minute Lady Code Class:

The phase of the full moon in relationship to the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle What you totally rock at in this phase What you need to do to acknowledge, explore and express yourself fully in this phase What you need to NOT do if you’re going to leverage your awesomeness Step-by-step advice on how to access your Manifesting Maven superpower  

Time: 8pm GMT - Not in the UK? Use this time zone buddy to check what time I’m live where you’re at Date: Thursday April 10th 2014

Sign up for this webinar/Q&A class by clicking the ‘buy now’ button below. If you can’t join us live, no fret, you’ll receive the recording within 48 hours of the class.