good people make bad choices - but socks with Birkenstocks? That's never okay.

So I’ve changed my mind. I was going to launch a super-awesome all-singing, all-dancing SASSY Summer School o’ Self Love on July 23rd. And now I’m not. Normally I’d just write this off as being totally my prerogative what with me being me and a member o’ lady-kind and all, which FYI, would absolutely, positively have been a valid reason, but I know how much you love it when I share business-y insight, so let me explain. I run my business in tune with my cycle – if you don’t already do this, I share the deets in Crack Your Lady Code – but briefly, as a society, we are governed by a very static, solar energy. It’s dude-kind inspired, it’s very ‘go-go-go’ and ‘must do it now’ but as ladykind, we’re led by Lady Luna – the moon – and we are SO much more effective when we give ourselves time to ebb and flow and wax and wane like she does every 28 days. Which is how, for the last few years, I’ve done business. Except, for when on holiday in Iceland. icelandjumperIn my defence, I was in the Arctic circle, it was the summer solstice and the sun never set. (Yet, I had to buy a totally not cool + very unflattering jumper that I wore day-in day-out because foolishly I’d assumed that going to Iceland and the land of the midnight sun meant I wouldn’t need a coat. Epic schoolgirl error. It also led to a sock + Birkenstock collaboration too. It was NOT my finest fashion hour.) birkenstockNow, I spend my life immersed in feminine moon and menstrual cycles, yet for that period o’ time, I was positively basking in the light o’ constant solar power. It’s no wonder I went into productivity mode.

This is how it played out: I’m going to run a Summer School. It’s going to be really amazing and life changing. I’m going to fill it with all the tools and techniques I have. I can’t wait to share this, I have to blog about it. I’ll tell them I’ll open registration as soon as I get back and then I’ll launch it two weeks later. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll also spend two days of my adventure with hot Viking husband creating content, planning sadhana emails + plotting videos. Now, anyone that knows anything about syncing your life with your menstrual or moon cycle will know what’s coming next. I arrived home and when I started to work through all of that delicious do, do, do it was clear it had been done, done, done in complete conflict with my cycle. I was now expecting a pre-menstrual, soon-to-bleed me - a time in my cycle when I want be more inward-looking than outward -  to be in total action + promote and run the SASSY Self-love Summer School. Yet, the irony was, I was showing myself zilcho self -love in the process. Not only had I had lost two days of sacred time with my hot Viking husband, as I began to read back the content I'd written, it wasn’t SHE-led – the words hadn’t come from that space between by heart and my womb - it was me-led. It had come from my head, my ego.

So the moral o' this story? There are a few. If it doesn't feel right, change it up. It's never okay to wear socks + Birkenstocks. Oh, and G-friend's has still got a lot to learn about herself. Luckily for you, I never claim to be a guru – hurrah for that - but I love to share what I do know and how it works for me, which is why I’m un-complicating this shiz, and instead of the all singing, all dancing SASSY Self-love Summer School, every Tuesday from the 29th July, for four weeks, at 8pm UK time, I’m going to run Love Your Cycle, Love Yourself- a series of hour-long classes that will give you all the deets on how to show yourself love + cultivate a SASSY self-love practice in every phase of your cycle.

For all the deets, head over to: Love Your Cycle, Love Yourself - a 4-part series in how to sync your life with your menstrual cycle and fall in big-hearted love with someone awesome. YOU.

Not only does this feel like a more juicy way to share – you don’t have to commit to an entire 28 day programme, you can purchase the class, and listen at anytime as the download will be provided 24 hours after recording – this way of sharing is totally in sync with my cycle, and living in sync with your menstrual cycle is the ultimate act o’ self-love. Fact.