Make 'I'm not good enough' the fuel for your fire


NotGoodEnough"Down Four Dress SlZES! It’s so much fun shopping for new SKlNNY clothes! If you have tried and failed to get fit, (like I did, I struggled for years). Then you need to check this out.” 

I read this in my Facebook feed yesterday morning and I did a li’l cry. Not for the entirety o’ woman-kind who have to put up with this bullshit - in their FB feed, in their media consumption, in their conversations, in their everyday existence - but for me, because for a moment there, I actually hovered over the ‘find out more' button. I then proceeded to pick up a big-ass stick and beat myself with it - in a totally non-50-shades way. 'Despite EVERYTHING you know,  despite everything you write, you are still trying to find a quick fix? Why are you are still so easily manipulated? Why do you still allow the pressure to conform to a so-called ‘perfect’ body shape consume you?’

Because I am a human, in woman form, in this world right now. We cannot help but be manipulated by the endless bombardment of images + messages about our bodies, how we should look + feel, and how we should show up in the world to be accepted + like.

Basically, in that moment, I forgot everything I now know, I disconnected from my body and I lost my shit. Through my early twenties, this used to be my default setting. Now, at least, I'm able to catch it and see it  it for what it is - the 'I'm not good enough' point-y finger activating the 'I'm a fraud' button. So, I took a deep breath and consulted SHE. showup I pulled a card from the SASSY SHE Oracle and I got SHOW UP - of course I did. I instantly felt the burn of the summer heat. Literally + figuratively. SHE was calling me into the fire. Asking me to fire-walk with her. To feel the heat, the intensity of those feelings - 'I'm not good enough' 'what will they think?' 'can I REALLY do that?' 'who do I think I am?' - and show up anyway, knowing that all I can commit to, all any of us can commit to, is simply show up fully to each + every experience. Yes, you'll feel the heat of your edges, the irritation, the fear, but burn in that fire.

Burn away what you're not, to reveal who you are - that’s REAL self love.

So I'm burning, I'm trusting + I'm showing up.

Because every time the  'I’m a fraud' button gets pressed, we NEED to burn in it. I don’t have it ALL figured out + I can't promise that I ever will. If you're needing a super-glossy expert who's got her shit together, I'm not your girl. I haven’t got a five point plan or a super structured, nice + neat fix-all plan o' action. But I am willing to keep learning + deepening my experience o' life by doing the freakin' work + if I have to keep burning, then I will be that girl on fire. Because what's left now is the truth.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me for LOVE YOUR BLOODY SELF - a free 45 minute online SHE chat/PJ party/lady gathering - yep consider this your party invite, yep, I WILL play Taylor Swift - where I will share how falling in love with your menstrual cycle and the divine feminine super-powers that each phase of the cycle holds, can help you to fall deeply in love with yourself. (Or if love feels too big a concept right now, then definitely like!)

By the end of this class, not only will you be able to say ‘self-love’ without pulling a cringe-y face, you’ll mean it, from deep down in your lady-bones, because you will have a practice that feels really freakin' good. I'll offer a permission slip for those, who before now haven't dared to find love for the body they're in, and ask them to join me and do the same. I'll do it because this is how the big shit like ‘I’m not good enough’ and 'I'm a fraud' get healed, alchemised and used for good. In me, and in you.

So, consider this your personal invite to join me next Tuesday, 28th July at 8pm BST  for the LOVE YOUR BLOODY SELF SHE Chat/PJ Party/Girl Gathering - I'll share SASSY-satsang-style from a place of big-hearted truth and then together, we can riff on how to use ritual, your monthly super-powers, breathing techniques + practical magic to create a self-love practice that works completely in sync with the moon, the seasons + your own lady rhythms.