New York: A cycle holiday


The Viking and I are back from a 8 day adventure in New York.I say adventure, because within an hour of the Viking and I arriving in the Big Apple, I had lost my purse + both our passports in the back of a cab. Yep, we were literally stripped of our identities on arrival. (It was the Viking's first time in the US + his first 48 hours were spent back and forth to the Police precinct + the British consulate - when Team Lister do adventures, we DO adventures.) Thankfully, NY got all Taylor Swift on our asses + sang "Welcome to New York, it's been waiting for you!"* at the top of it's lungs, offering us up some of it's most incredible people to hang out with - Meggan Watterson + Ann Moller I heart you both - some gorgeous yoga teachers to learn from - Elena Brower, Sadie Nardini + Shiva Rae, I have a total heart on for you - and some of those most amazing places to look at, food to taste and life to experience.

New York is a high energy assault of the senses. The smells, the noise, the sights, the people are ALL full on. If New York was a phase in your menstrual cycle it would be pre-ovulation. It's full o' potential, everyone is hustling + getting shit done, you are called up to expand bigger + wider with every breath o' taxi cab fuel-infused air. It really is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, because there really is nothing you can't do. I heart NY but shit, that place is intense. Which is why I thanked Mary Magdalene + all that is red that the city o' NY and I had synced cycles and I too was riding the pre-ovulation high. Laugh it up, but if you've read Code Red, I urge you to think of your favourite holiday destination and I betcha it'll match up to a phase o' the menstrual cycle. For me, Mumbai is ovulation with it's bright sun, heat, bold colour + intensity. Norway is pre-menstruation with all it's wild and jagged edges, it's vast expanse of space + it's deeper-than-deep fjords and the south o' France is menstruation, it's soft, it's cavernous, it invites you to know it's mysteries by becoming still - what better way to book your next adventure than to do it in sync with your cycle?

Going to New York in my pre-ovulation phase meant I literally filled 3 notebooks with book notes, research, programme ideas + entire courses. I met with publishers, I talked to strangers on the subway, I did full day yoga intensives, I put myself out there, I hustled my ass off, I planted seeds, I saw sights, I went on bus tours, I walked through Times Square at midnight, I caught a bus to New Jersey, I flirted with the dude in Ray's Pizza to get me a free slice. I was able to be my best self because I had synced with Lady Liberty's cycle. Damn, my experience o' New York would have been TOTALLY different if I'd gone this week. I'd have just been heading into my pre-menstrual phase, and I'd have been feeling the call inwards. I'd have been feeling less interested in socialising and making small talk, my fuse would have been much shorter, my tolerance levels zilcho. I'd have been much better acquainted with the inside o' my hotel room and the 5 books that I'd taken to read would have actually got read. I was able to rock my monthly super powers because I worked with my cycle, hooked up with the energy o' the city + we got shit done. A woo-woo concept? Totally. Does it work? Abso-freakin'-lutely.

Try it for yourself; think of how you feel in each phase of your cycle, then think of your favourite city, town or place - at which point in your cycle would you get the most out of that city, town or place? For example, a retreat is no good if you're in pre-ovulation because the idea of slowing down and relaxing will probably just annoy you and have you sneaking off every 10 minutes to check your emails, whereas a city break to New York or London is no good if you're about to menstruate when all you'll be craving is a gorgeous log fire cabin to cosy up in. Adds a whole new meaning to cycling holidays, right?

If you haven't got your copy of Code Red yet, you can do that by hitting up this link - people are saying REALLY awesome things about it:

"I’ve been searching for this book for years. Lisa Lister sheds the veil on the hidden power of the divine feminine with sass, compassion and deep wisdom. Jam packed full of tools, stories and even tips for guys… I’m recommending it to anyone who gets a period or knows someone who does."Rebecca Campbell, Author of Light Is the New Black

*Because a blog post is not a blog post without the Tay-tay love. Fact.