National Kindness Day

Well, are you? Is it a question that you've ever stopped to ask yourself? Am I being kind? This book, Am I Being Kind, by Michael J Chase kinda stopped me in my tracks because I like to think o' myself as a kind and caring girl, in the world, yet I'd never actually asked the question.

Do it now.

I'm a li'l bit in love with this book. If you ask my mumma, she'll be sure to tell you about my obsess-o need to make the world a better place as a kid. I'd pick up litter - I was like a freakin' womble - I'd nag incessantly not to use aerosols as I didn't want the ozone layer to get bigger, I was a kid possessed, then I became a teen, felt an unhealthy need to fit-in and got caught up in the joys o' consumerism, but as an adult I'm slowly returning to my planet obsessed childhood. I may not dress like a hippy and wear patchouli oil (although I do love it) but I very much have a hippy heart. We simply MUST be more kind. To ourselves, to others, and to the planet. Kindness is like a magickal ju-ju that creates love stuff in abundance, it's like the gift that keeps giving and giving - what's not to love about that?

This book is a huge helping o' awesome sauce. The author, Michael J Chase shares his slightly harrowing personal story, including abuse and attempted suicide and shares why at the age of 37, following a life-changing epiphany, Michael ended an award winning photography career to found The Kindness Center. what motivates him to be kind to others, and his need to spread the word. He believes that the key to happiness and living a great life is about being o' service to others. High fives to that, MC!

Kindness is the key to happiness – but with all the pressures of work, finances, relationships, parenting and health issues, living a kind-hearted life isn’t always easy. Inspired by the Dailai Lama’s philosophy that “world peace must develop out of inner peace” Am I Being Kind shows you how by simply asking yourself ‘am I being kind?’ you can change your life, and the lives of those around you. Am I Being Kind is being published to coincide with UK Kindness Day on the 13 November 2011, and gives simple lessons that anyone can implement!

UK Kindness Day encourages everyone to perform at least one act of kindness or a good deed - cool, huh?! After all, kindness is free to do and we all know that it really can make you feel good!

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Buy your copy of Am I Being Kind by Michael J Chase at the Store o' Sass - it's really rather fabulous!