My muff is lost in the post.

So, this Friday, I'm marrying my hot viking beau.

I've never been quite so excited about anything in my life. We'd really downplayed the paper-signing bit as we are all about the handfasting ceremony we've got planned next year, but things change, priorities change. Things you didn't think were important become much more so, like being able to call myself Mrs Lister, like your mumma being able to see you marry the man that will support and love you when she's no longer here, and the things you thought would matter a LOT, like dresses and whether your muff will arrive on time, simply don't. FYI: I ordered that muff FOUR weeks ago. Seriously.

It's all been a li'l rushed, but 3 days before the world is supposed to end, I think the viking and I have pulled it together. The venue is booked, we've both got ensembles, the fam have been emailed over the weekend to attend and choose their food, and I've got ridiculously pretty shoes.

No muff, though. Boo.

So, as you can imagine, with an impending wedding coming up, this will be my last blog post before the Christmas/Yule/other winter-related festivities. It will also, I've just realised, be my last post as Lisa Clark. Eep. So, instead of doing one of those end o' year review things - do feel free to read back through the blogginz but this is basically it, I started last year being proposed to by a hot viking at the top of the Eiffel tower and I'm ending it by becoming his wife. In between that, we've been on lots o' roadtrips, got inked, I've danced burlesque, discovered yoga and created a business that I love. I've lost friends, been told my mumma is dying, pissed people off, let people down. I've showed up, been vulnerable, and told my truth. I launched my first book for grown-up girls, SASSY: The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny - I'm simply going to send you huge-ass love for reading the blogginz, buying my book, supporting me, working with me, coming to see me speak, emailing me,sending me love letters, making me cry, and generally being freakin' awesome.

SASSY girls rock. Fact.

Just so you know, things will be changing a li'l around here in the new year - there will be a name change for starters, I'll be Lisa Lister, woop, woop! - there will also be new SASSY-infused features that I think you'll love, there will be a hefty dose of practical magic, lots of you have been asking for more SASSY book-based goodness, so I'm cooking up some treats for you there, I've created new ways to tell your story that don't involve writing a book, but for those of you who are making 2013 the year that you DO write your book, I'll be sharing my entire book writing process with you from concept right through to hold-in-your hand print book. I'll also be rocking out with a girl-gang of writer-girl superstars on The Write The Freakin' Book: Group Jam which starts in January - there's still time to sign up, registration closes on 31st December. This six week programme will be a kick-ass roadtrip to Destination author-girl - it's going to freakin' rock!

Right, I'll take pix o' the official paper signing, will let you know if the muff arrives and in the meantime, I am sending ALL you gorgeous SASSY members o' girlkind BIG, BIG love and thank yous for your support, love and story-sharing this year.

Have an amazing yuletide, go hug someone you love, hug someone you don't know too, that often makes for an interesting night out, have fun, seek pleasure, be nice to the person looking back at you in the mirror - she's incredible and I'll see you on the other side, you might not recognise me, I'll be a married woman, y'know!

Big, big love...

Lisa x

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