MOONDAY SHE READING: wombs, wisdom and SHE power.

Unedited insight and wisdom direct from SHE through me. Today is a new moon in Libra, and after last week's card told us to bare all, this week the SASSY SHE oracle cards are showing us SAGE.

I've just spent the week in Malta, swimming in Her seas and laying in Her gorgeous megalithic goddess womb-like caves, so it seems perfectly apt that we're being asked by our ancestors, our blood + bones, to be WHOLE-y in our shamanic womb-like state. The original magic was always the woman's and women who were in especially strong resonance with the moon + all things menstrual became shamans, oracles, priestesses, witches, where they knew that all ecstatic states were hysteric states - hysteria or 'hustera' literally means 'womb' - in our society it's called madness, but there was a time when a women's magic, her SHE power, accessed through her menstrual cycle and the moon cycles were recognised as a skill + talent. And it's time, under this new moon for you to access your SHE power. Your innate SHE-led, feminine insight + wisdom. You don't have to stir a cauldron or wear a witches hat (mine is leopard print, it rocks) - you don't have to travel to malta to experience the magic of SHE in the land (although you absolutely, positively should) you have to trust yourself and your sage-like wisdom that is accessible each and every month in the cycles of your blood and the moon.

Drop down into your womb + belly space, breathe into her, and ask her what she wants you to know...

SHE medicine for your quest this week: Obsidian - this is a protector stone that can be used to keep you grounded whilst being used to divinate and scry with. Vogel crystal - a 13-sided healing wand to help heal and connect with ancestors and past lives - isn't she a beauty? Lapis - these stones resonate with your inner queen, so perfect in helping you to come into your High Priestess, SHE power.

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