MOONDAY SHE READING: Seek, Aventurine + Rumi.


Unedited insight from SHE through me. Ohh its that time again. Not only is it a new moon, it's also eclipse season. Things WILL speed up. Choices will be available + decisions will need to be made. Eclipses either offer big-ass openings or significant endings - + right now, you're being called up, g-friend. The urge to push your boundaries, to steam ahead, to do life at break-neck speed will be there, but amongst all this fast pace-y life stuff the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards invite you to SEEK.

My poet lover from another lifetime, Rumi said: 'what you seek is seeking you' and never is it more true than right now. The universe is conspiring in this eclipse season for you to remove the veils, which may show up for you as lack of confidence, not good enough-ness - but whatever veil it is that protects you from the world, now is the time to drop it and allow whatever it is that you're seeking - a partner, a business collab, a spiritual connection, health + healing - find you, inhabit you, be with you. You don't know what it is you're seeking? Take a deep breath in, put your chin to your chest, hand on your heart and seek. Make 'I am open to receive' your mantra, + let what you seek find you. So many of us spend so much time seeking, that we never stay still long enough for it to find us. Use the eclipse season to open up + show up to what it is you seek! Oh yeah!

Your SHE Medicine for the week ahead: Aventurine - this incredible pendulum from @poundjewelry is a stone of opportunity and is the perfect tool to help you release the old so that the new can come in at full speed. Obsidian - letting down your veils, your protective armour is a big ask, so use obsidian to form a shield against neggo vibing. Fuschite - known as the 'healers stone' this is the perfect crystal to help you to look after your own needs + take responsibility for your own health, growth + well being.

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