Moonday SHE Reading


Unedited SHE medicine from me + SHE. This week the SASSY SHE oracle cards  are letting you know that there are NO LIMITS – and she should know, she’s got her boobies out in total ‘I am liberated’ abandon.

You’ve been feeling restricted, whether self-imposed or actually feeling stuck, on moving forward with an idea or a situation.

Maybe it’s because Mercury’s been retrograde, or maybe because you’ve been seriously doubting your abilities, or perhaps, like a lot of us the last month, you’ve been thinking ‘what’s the bloody point?!’

This week I urge you to call on that boob-out chutzpah + to also be with the soft curves + grace of being a woman – IN-body it all and recognize that never has there been a more awesome time to be you + to do what you’re doing + sharing in the world – you’re golden, you’re unlimited.

Lady, your time is NOW.

To guide you on your SHE Quest this week:

Kali ma  -  ‘Kali’, derived from the word ‘time’, is the goddess of change. Gentle mumma, fierce warrior + general badass, call on her to help you trust yo’self, to move forward + break free from shackles (people/places/jobs/situs) that may be holding you back so that you can swing yo’ bra around your head and unleash the awesome. You can totes keep the bra on if you’d rather. Completely optional.

Red Jasper - stimulates passion in your creative work. It manifests new ideas and its energy brings focus and self-mastery. Oh yeah.

Aura Soma: The Holy Grail - brings about a transformation in relation to receptivity, and allows the creative feminine intuition within each of us to unfold…

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