Moonday She Reading



Unedited SHE medicine from me + SHE.

Today is a full moon, we are now in the final full week o’ mercury retrograde and the SASSY SHE oracle cards are offering us SHAMANA.

If ever there was a time when we needed to call on our own magic, it’s now. There is a good chance that you’ve spent the last few weeks in deep retrospection – am I right? - yet you’ve also felt a BIG pressure to act fast + to be in action in case you miss out on exciting opportunities – which is why today, I invite you to take ten minutes to reflect on the last five months;

What awesomeness has already occurred and how did you make it so? Be sure to note down everything, no matter how small, so that in those moments of  ‘Jeez Louise, I’ve achieved NOTHING this year! Everyone’s doing better than me, I can’t keep up!’ you are able to remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished + how. It’s so easy for us to forget our magic. But it’s running through our veins, in our blood and in our womb space. Trust yourself. Trust your magic. The pace doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon, which is why you are being called to use your magic this week to stay grounded, remain light + revel in your SHE power, Shamana.

To guide you on your SHE Quest this week: Make like a shamana and turn this entire week into a delicious ritual.

Full moon - under tonight’s full moon use the light o’ the moon to cleanse you. Use sage too because g-friend can never have enough tools to cleanse with. Fact. Ask to be cleansed of all the things that are making you feel heavy, that feel like a burden right now. Allow them to be released.

Mercury retrograde – in true shamana style, use this tricky phase to you advantage and work with it to uncover the dirty deets of how to manifest the results you’re looking for right now.

Cacao elixir – this gift from the mayan gods will get into those darker places + allow the light o’ the moon to illuminate them.

Pussy power – your womb, your vulva, your vagina are all home to some deep shamana magic. Show her love + gratitude with yoni steams and let her be your guide-ess as you navigate the week ahead.

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