Unedited ‪‎SHE medicine‬ from me + SHE. The ‪Sassy SHE oracle cards‬ offer you KNOWING this week.

If you're in the process of creating - aren't we all?! - whether it's a baby, a project to launch, a new painting, a home, a flower border in your garden, it's totally acceptable to look to books, Guru Google or others for inspir-o, but the problems start when we rely on these sources to validate how awesome we are. We've all had attacks of the 'she's prettier/taller/thinner/funnier/has a better website than me, right? This comparison game is a game you will NEVER win. So if you've found yourself relying on the opinion of others, looking outside yourself for validation, this week you're being called in. You're being called to trust your inner knowing. The wisdom and insight of all the women that have gone before you. You have all the answers inside o' you, RIGHT NOW and to access them you have to fully trust yourself.

Next time you feel the need to look outside of yourself for the answers - unless it's how to boil an egg or something, I mean who really knows if it's 2, 2.5 or 3 minutes? - take a deep breath in through your nose, let it pass through your heart, let it pass through your gut, and down deep into your womb space, hold it there and then let it alchemise + activate this knowing as it passes back through your gut, up through your heart and released in a big sigh. Repeat as many times as you need to connect with SHE + to remember that SHE is you.

To guide you on your ‪SHE quest‬ this week: Red egg - Mary Magdalene turned a white egg to red in front of Tiberius Caesar in response to his disbelief that Christ had risen - MM was a badass witch like that - the now-red egg symbolized life rising from a sealed chamber. Trust that your creation, your power can be brought to life through your sacred chamber - your womb. ‪Palo santo‬ - burning this sweet smelling scent clears space and allows for trust to occur ‪Sheela na gig‬ - if ever there was a guide-ess in trusting our inner knowing SHE is it. ‪#‎pussypower‬

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