Unedited SHE medicine from me + SHE. The Sassy SHE Oracle Cards offer you a double whammy this week, (when I shuffled the cards, these two came out together) FIERCE + LOVE.

There's been confusion, a lack of clarity. The questions 'who am I?' And what the fuck am I doing?' have been coming up for you and it's felt less than comfy to be in your skin, right? Well, on this new moon in Taurus, fuck the questions, stop looking outside yourself, kick off your shoes, plant your feet in mumma nature and simply set the intention to love yourself FIERCELY.

When our heart, gut + womb are out of alignment, we start to think the answers to life, love + pretty much everything are outside ourselves, and we beat ourselves up with a hefty shit stick when we can't find those answers or our life/body/relationship doesn't match up to the ones we're shown by society + in magazines. We buy a make-me-better course or book, when all we really need to do is place one hand on our gut and the other on our belly + womb and breathe. All the way down. As many times as it takes to remember that all we have to do is turn in. Is to love this one, fiercely. Because when we do, we meet divinity and loving Her is easy because she's beautiful. Because she is you.

To guide you on your SHE quest this week: carnelian - to help you trust yourself + your perceptions (and promotes sexuality and there's nothing like a good orgasm to show yourself fierce love, right?) Scarlet quartz - because they're full of ladykind magic. Roses - put the petals in a bath, smell them, buy yourself a dozen in your favourite colour - roses, the flower of the Magdalene, are fierce love in flower form. Cacao - because chocolate is medicine. Fact.

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