Unedited SHE medicine from me + SHE. SHE is demanding that you scream a big breath-y orgasmic 'yes' to all that life has to offer you. How? By finding what brings you the most delicious pleasure and inviting more of it into your life. Shiz has been purrr-ity intense the last couple o' weeks, right? It's time to now dance with the call of pleasure. Remember, it's not self-indulgent to seek what gives you pleasure or brings you joy, it's a NECESSITY. Move your body in a way that brings it deep pleasure - especially your hip and womb area - as this will unlock your deepest pleasure zone, so great sex, hip circles, hula hooping - mmmm!

To guide you on your SHE quest this week we have: Chocolate - to open up your senses to pleasure Perfume - even if you don't plan on leaving the house, spray yourself with your favourite scent. Quartz to bring you clarity and the sassy SHE oracle cards offer you PLEASURE as your guide-ess.

What are you NOT saying yes to? Why? What one thing could you say yes to this week that would have you shouting 'hell yes?'

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