Unedited insight from SHE through me. So this weekend's full moon was one of healing + nourishment + today's SASSY SHE Oracle Cards is PEACE.

For the week ahead you're being asked to get still. We live in a dude-centric world where we think that to make things happen we need to strive, force + grab, yet this depletes our energy, so this is an invitation to work smarter, not harder. This will cause you less stress AND attract what you desire.

So here in the UK, today is a bank holiday and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to get a shit-ton of work done, but I'm day 1 of my bleed + my body needs a hot rose + pomegranate oil bath, to read books + to draw and write so I'm honouring that need for peace + stillness and I invite you to look for ways this week that you can find peace from the endless thoughts and to-do lists + then share them here because we all need THAT advice!

SHE Medicine for your SHE Quest this week: Breath - deep to the gut + womb breaths to create space. Yoga Nidra - the most delicious yogic sleep. A deep meditative practice that allows for really nourishing rest. Selenite - makes room for mental clarity + encourages emotional well-being Blue Lace Agate - this powder blue beauty can be used to neutralise anger + frustration Ametrine - relieves tension, fear + encourages stillness

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