Unedited insight + wisdom from SHE through me. It's the waxing gibbous moon and our energies are naturally pulled to 'do' + 'make shit happen' AND this is a great time to do that, but in the process, don't forget to take care of you. The SASSY SHE oracle cards are suggesting that HEALING needs to take place. Are you a workaholic, do you love feeling that achievement of setting + achieving goals? Of burning the candles at both ends to pull off something awesome? If ever there was a phase of the moon cycle to do it in, THIS one is it, but this week you're being told to be mindful of pushing too hard at detriment of your health + well-being. Just so you know, there is enough time. Make tending to your needs a priority - whether that's actually taking a lunch break and not sitting at your desk mindlessly eating a sandwich, booking an hour massage even if you've got a deadline to meet (this is me! I was going to cancel, but I KNOW that if I take an hour out to look after me, I'll be FAR more productive after. So have an awareness this week of where you're pushing yourself hard + where you can give yourself healing.

To help you on your SHE quest this week: Tea - no matter how busy you are, there is ALWAYS time for a cup of tea. In fact, if nothing else, MAKE time to take a breath + sip a tea!  This one is blueberry + elderflower + white tea! Labradorite crystal - can temper those over-achiever muscles + help detoxify if you're going heavy on the coffee to stay up and meet deadlines Shells - to remind us that the sea is a perfect healer, but if you're not able to get to it, take a really long shower or splash in a bath like a mermgirl!

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