Moonday SHE reading


Unedited insight from SHE through me. Every Moonday. As we move closer to this Friday's dark moon, this week you are being called to speak your truth. Yep, the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards are telling you that TRUTH, your truth, the truth that can only be accessed when you womb, but + heart are aligned, may sound shaky, it may not come out in quotable, beautifully articulated sentences, but it matters. It's ALL that matters. If you spend time saying and doing what you 'think' people want to see and hear, this week SHE will be calling you out. How will you know? You will FEEL it. You can always feel it when what you say and do isn't in alignment with your truth. You'll know if in a conversation you're holding back through fear of what others might think if you don't say what you really believe. This week, call yourself into truth before making decisions, before saying yes, before people-pleasing by asking 'what is MY truth right now, in this moment?' Also look for places in your life where you're not showing up truthfully - maybe your blog is not reflecting what you REALLY want to say, or perhaps you're saying yes to a relationship which is really a 'no'? Be truthful with yourself.

To help you on your SHE quest this week: - ‪#‎quartz‬ - this bigass piece from The Crystal Studio is my tell-the-truth stone - it will clear away the coulda, woulda, shouldas + bring clarity. - ‪#‎bloodstone‬ - this beautiful tumble stone helps you to live in the moment. - ‪#‎lapislazuli‬ this BEAUTIFUL pendulum is from the incredible Pound Jewelry and I wear it when I'm talking + sharing in workshops to make sure I always speak my messy, vulnerable truth - because honestly, when you speak your truth you give others the permission slip to do the same and what could be more powerful than women speaking their truth, right?!

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