Unedited wisdom + insight from SHE through me. The big-ass energy from Friday's full moon is wanting you to be seen + you may be asked to make some big decisions about life directions + career paths + relationships, which is why SHAMANA wants you to trust your gut, your intuition. Her motto is: smart girls trust their intuition, because they have magic inside them. YOU are a smart girl. Except, like so many of us, you've probably been led to believe that you cannot be trusted, that instead you should trust magazines, books, TV personalities to guide you on what to eat, how to show up, how to live your life, instead of allowing your intuition, your own magic to decide what's a yes + what's a no. SHAMANA reminds us to connect with our ancestors, our blood line to remember who we were before we forgot. We are the great granddaughters of the wise women, the witches, they could not burn and it's our time to TRUST OURSELVES. Are you in?!

To help you on your SHE Quest this week: Sage - to cleanse + protect Whisper Doterra oil - Whisper is my absolute go-to blend from Doterra for when I need to reconnect with my heart, gut + womb A shaman's rattle - to shake out the neggo + to bring on the magic  SHAMANA style Garnet - to bring you home to your womb,to your base chakra + to provide strong foundations to make big decisions from

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