Unedited insight from SHE through me. Woah. Shift happens + it's happening in a crazy- big way this week. The SASSY SHE oracle cards have given us TRANSFORMATION and this is your cosmic butt-kick to go within, to shed your skin + allow yourself to be fully transformed.

Transformation, needs cocoon time because this shiz isn't always pleasurable and oftentimes isn't without pain either. It can be the heart-wrenching grief of losing someone you love, being made redundant, feeling so depressed you can't leave the house, dealing with online haters, busting the fear of public speaking - whatever it is, be kind to yourself. As we move towards this Friday's full moon, the energy will be quickening, but under your skin surface massive alchemy will be taking place - so make time for rest + naps because you're going to need it. This transformation is asking you to step into your full power as a woman - with Instagram banning the hashtag 'goddess' being one of many, many things to keep us small, to keep us from using our voice, now more than ever we need to allow ourselves to transform fully into the granddaughters of the witches they could not burn. Yes, this painful, but it's SO necessary. More now than ever. ‪#‎risesisterise‬

Tools to help you on your SHE Quest this week: 🔻journal prompts - these may help you to process + express yourself: What am I holding onto that no longer serves me? What do I need to shed to fully step into my power? 🔻Mary Magdalene -  the red egg represents the voice of the original exiled woman - who is here to support us fully as we find our own voices 🔻The serpent skin - the symbol of the snake represents death + rebirth, let go of the old as you transform + rebirth stronger. 🔻Black Moonstone - to provide protection + support through painful transitions. 🔻Lapis Lazuli - stimulates the desire for truth in any situation + honesty of spirit. 🔻Taylor Swift song lyrics - because you need to tell your truth, even if your voice shakes. Players WILL play, haters WILL hate, but all you have to do is SHAKE it off.

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