Your weekly unedited SHE Medicine direct from SHE through me.
As the moon begins to grow, so do the seeds of intentions, dreams + wishes that we planted at the new moon last week, and the SASSY SHE Oracle Cards are showing us that if we trust our gut, our inner wisdom, we will be blessed with total ABUNDANCE.

The trick is though, we do have to actually TRUST. Our belly is a place that as women, many of us hate on or constantly breathe her in, yet it's home to our instinct + our intuition and smart girls - the likes of you + me, wise witches - trust this instinct + intuition above ALL OTHER THINGS. So show your belly the big love. Nurture her, rub her for luck, breathe out, let her be free and jiggly, allow her to be your guidance to total abundance this week.

Do you trust you intuition, your gut instinct? What's your relationship with your tummy? There WILL be a correlation between how much you love + trust your gut + the amount of abundance you receive. GUARANTEED.

Things to help you on your SHE Quest to trusting + bringing abundance into your life:
Kyle Gray has created these amazing angel cards that are my absolute go-to when needing guidance from those with wings. If you struggle to trust yourself, call on these angelic forces to bring you into fierce communion with yourself + your intuition.
Lady Nada - rub some of this Aura Soma onto the palm of your hands and place in a yoni mudra on your tummy - breathe in, breathe out. Ahhhhhh.
Sage - to cleanse and let go of any neggo feelings you may have towards trusting yourself + trusting your gut.
An obsidian scrying bowl - all good witches combine their instinct + intuition with magical tools and as a seer, this bowl, gifted to me by friends who I rarely see but love very much, is my favourite tool to 'see' what I need to 'see' in order to allow abundance to occur in my life.

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