Moonday SHE Reading


Unedited SHE medicine direct from SHE through me. As we come to the dark moon, emotions may be rising to the surface, and the urge to blame others for what you're currently feeling and experiencing will feel like an 'okay' thing to do. What the SASSY SHE oracle cards are showing us in the FIERCE card is that while it may be painful, and it may feel shitty, we have to take responsibility for the parts we play + the roles we take in this life time. If as the moon falls into darkness, you're experiencing an argument where your initial reaction is to lash out, to blame others, to be rage-full, SHE is calling you to turn that finger on yourself and ask: Am I showing up authentically to this situation, to this life? Am I fully in my truth? Is there something here that I can take responsibility for? This is NOT easy, but there is a fierce grace, a strength that comes when you completely own your shit in a situation and then, and this is the really important bit, have the capacity to love yourself regardless.

To guide you in your  SHE Quest this week: Kali Ma - the goddess of transformation, of change of fierce love - do this powerful work, cultivate compassion for others and yourself in the process, and you WILL be transformed. Sri Yantra mala - the Sri yantra can help us to break through the obstacles in our lives. In those moments of out-of-control-ness it can help us to clear all negativity. Pink Rodochrosite - this crystal will give you the courage to look at those things you have been unable to face previously Rose Quartz - this crystal is a symbol of unconditional love - use it to show yourself the very biggest love, self-love.

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