MOONday SHE reading


Unedited ‪‎SHE medicine‬ from me + SHE. This ‪full moon‬ in Scorp - my sun sign - is INTENSE. She's calling us to excavate our deepest desires and then invite them into our lives, full beam. This may mean having to have awkward conversations, asking for what you need and not what you expect + releasing people or things that are not supporting these desires.

Dance, move + stretch - this full moon is calling us to expand. Feel what your body is trying to tell you. Let SHE speak through you in the moves you make, in the speed and the way you make them.

To guide you on your ‪SHE quest‬ this week we have: ‪Magpie‬ medicine - This is a message for us to not hide ourselves away from the world. The magpie beckons us to reveal our brilliance (physical and otherwise). We are each composed of incredible beauty and grace - the magpie is a reminder that we must express these attributes outwardly in a glamorous display just as she does. Lemurian seed crystal  ‪- Lemurian Seed Crystal Wands are used in spiritual healing when you're out of balance with itself. Rhodocrosite‬ to bring in fierce love + the‪ Sassy SHE oracle cards‬ offer up PASSION as our key guide-ess for the week ahead. What lights you up? What's your driving force? What do you need more of in order to shine brighter?

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