Why menstruation is bloody marvellous

bleedIt’s impossible to fully own your SHE power and be queen o’ your domain without knowing and loving the awesomeness of your monthly bleed cycle. Yep, you read that right. Your bleed cycle, menstruation, being on the blob, your period – insert whatever you call your ‘time of the month’ here – is awesome. In fact, it's your super-power.

Look, I get it. 'Til now your bleed might simply have been an indicator as to whether you're pregnant or not. You may get such crazy-painful cramps and suffer so much discomfort that the idea of loving your cycle makes you want to punch me in the face. And this I know for sure, you’ve been taught it’s shameful and/or embarrassing to bleed. We all have. Tampax adverts tell us it’s ‘mother nature’s curse.’ Other adverts turn our blood into blue water in the hope it won’t offend. While other adverts make it look like our bleed time is the perfect opportunity for high-energy pursuits like rollerblading and riding rollercoasters. Yes Bodyform, I’m talking to you. It’s no wonder you have a whole lot o’ resentment towards your cycle, which is why I get that you could never imagine appreciating or even, dare I say it, enjoying menstruation. But hear me out.

Y'see, there was a time when women totally honoured their monthly cycles. Fo’ real. It was the cycle that moved a woman from girl, through to mother, through to wise woman, through to crone. In my own culture, Romani gypsy, men knew that women were at their most powerful at bleed time so took care not to offend a woman through fear of being rendered mokadi – having something of his soul taken away. Basically, men knew we were badass and capable of serious magick-making when we bled. Yep, back in the day when ladykind were respected for their wisdom, when girls began to bleed, it was a time of celebration. Imagine that, right? A beautiful menarche ceremony would be held to initiate them into womanhood. She was celebrated. Her bleed cycle became a part of the natural rhythm of her life and she'd gather together with the women of her family and community to bleed at the dark/new phase o’ the moon in a Red Tent. This was a time for her to go inward, to reconnect with herself, her sisters, and the earth. This quiet time, dictated by her body's rhythms, refueled you, filled her up, so she could pretty much rock out in the weeks ahead. Basically, her cycle, the bleed and everything that went with it was sacred shiz.

Sadly, Christianity changed up it’s teachings to totally disregard the potent awesomeness of our lady cycles and as we’ve become more techno-obsessed, we’ve lost our daily connection to mumma earth, the moon, the seasons and their cycles too.

We’ve been robbed of our greatest super-power, which is basically like robbing Wonder Woman of her lasso. Not cool.

“I am woman, hear me roar. Oh, and I bleed every month for five days and don’t die. Seriously, don’t tell me I’m not a fucking superhero.” Lisa Lister (quoted on day 25 of her cycle)

Our menstrual cycle is powerful juju. It impacts the way we think and feel from one day to the next, not just during our bleed time, but also throughout the entire 28 to 30 days. It's also true that we have strengths –SHE powers - during each phase of our cycle. Unfortunately, we’re not taught to know about the intricacies of these powers and how we can really leverage them. Well, ‘til now that is.

I am crazy passionate about helping you to awaken your latent SHE powers through finding love for your lady rhythms and yep, that most definitely includes your bleed cycle. Seriously, don’t you think the fact we bleed every month for five days and don’t die is pretty freakin’ epic? It’s because we ARE epic. Yet so many of us are fearful. We think we’re unworthy and not good enough. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, you didn’t know what incredible awesomeness lay dormant in your belly, in your womb. Except now you do. And I’m calling you to take responsibility.

YOU are responsible for your health and well being. YOU are responsible for how you see yourself. YOU are responsible for how you show up in the world.

Get knowledgeable. Get to know your cycle. Get to know your body. Get to know what you’re capable of. Then stand in your power, share your stories, tell your truth and change the freakin’ world.

I dare you.

I would LOVE for you to share about your experience of menstruation - bloody marvellous or bloody annoying? A blessing or a curse? Care to share in the comment box below?

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