making mistakes and 'fessin' up

So, you know how it sucks to admit when you're wrong? That's me right now. I was wrong, I made a mistake and I'm 'fessin' up.

When I launched my brand-spankin' new programme -Write The Freakin' Book: Group Jam - I knew it was needed, because I'd had lots o' gorgeous girls mail me saying 'Lisa, will you do a group write the freakin' book programme please?'  I was all kinds o' excited about the idea, I'd worked in a group o' awesome women to get my first book written, so I knew that girl-kind group power could create word-writing magick, so I got to work making it as awesome as possible. I know the book industry. I know how to write books. I know how to publish books. I know how to pimp books. However, when it comes to running a business, it seems g-friend still has a lot to learn. Turns out it's not all about me. I'm an only child, so this lesson is taking a li'l longer to learn than most. It's actually about YOU and what you want and need.

Y'see, I simply got down with my creative self and launched this all singing, all dancing new group jam programme that I figured you'd all dig, because well...I was head over Iron Fist heels in heart with it, so why wouldn't you be? Now, lots of you DID dig it, in fact over twenty of you gorgeous writer-girls-to-be mailed me saying something along the lines of: "Lisa, this is awesome, I want in, but... It's too expensive. Three months is too long. I don't want coaching, I just want the info. I want a kick-start session with you. it would be good if you provided different price points to make it more affordable. 

I'd gone and got so excited in creating and launching, that I'd overlooked checking the finer deets with you. Epic business-girl faux pas. You've got to test for prod love. You need to ask the people you're wanting to work with what it is they actually want and need. So, that's what I've done. I've 'fessed up and I've found out what it is you really want. I've been so supported by women in my work, and as I continue to grow, I want to make sure that I get to give back, and provide an affordable service that enables as many members of girl-kind as possible to tell their story, write the freakin' book and start revolutions.

So, I've switched things up.

Write The Freakin' Book: Group Jam is now a 6 week programme, starting January 11th 2013, running for six consecutive Fridays and includes a regular and premium option - ooooooohhh. The regular version is filled-to-the-brim with everything you need to know to write your freakin' book and the premium option includes the 100 mojo enhancers for writer-girls ebook and the added bonus of 90 minutes 1-to-1 time with me  to create a you-nique-to-you pink print for book writing sucess - woop woop!

For all the scoop and to sign up for a six week course in writer-girl awesomeness this January 2013, head over to the Write The Freakin' Book: Group Jam page, pronto!