Make a Life List Day

So, you know how much I heart my gorgeous gal-pal Goddess Leonie Allan, right? Well, a couple o' years ago, she posted about her Things To Do This Life list, and well, it inspired me to write my own, it's been in my journal, right next to a tarot card of the High Priestess for a while, but other gal-pal Sarah Clark has created her Naughty Forty List, and as I'm on deadline to edit my book, Sassy Sorcery, it seems only right to procrastinate a li'l and share my list, add to my list and I'm going to keep it as a working document here on the site so I can cross off things I've actually achieved...I declare February 23rd Make a Life List Day - are you in? The Sassy Sorceress' Life List

1. Go to New York - Done. And plan on going a LOT more. 2. Move to Glastonbury 3. Own a pug called Frodo 4. Commit to the man I love - Done. I did this on the 3rd Feb 2011, outside the White Spring in Glastonbury. The beau and I swapped rings, blessed them with water from both the red and white springs - we also did a li'l smoochy-smooch too, natch.

5. Firewalk - Done. And plan to do it again in May 2011 with the beau - eep. 6. Travel across America with the beau in a pink Cadillac - I'll be wearing a headscarf, natch. 7. Learn the qualities and powers of as many crystals as possible 8. Get my nipple pierced 9. Own a beautiful creative den in San Fran 10. Learn Italian 11. Perform burlesque 12.See the Northern Lights

13. Go to Iceland - Done. I LOVED it.

14. Write a book - Done. I've written 10 of my own, and 10 for other people - wohhhooo. Plan to write many more too. 15. Grow my own herbs 16.Stay in an Ice Hotel

17. Go to Paris - Done. Most magickal 4 days of my life spent with Miss Aimee. 18. Have a midnight picnic under the stars 19. Look into the eyes of the man I love and say *I do*

20. Get a half sleeve tattoo of my gypsy heritage - Done and ohmystars, I LOVE it. 21. Learn the stars and constellations 22. Paddle in the sea in December - Done. I did this in Dec 2010. Yemaya made me do it! 23. Drink Pink champagne in the bar at top of Harvey Nichols. - Done - to celebrate release o' Think Pink. 24. Create my own set of oracle cards 25. Learn to Lindy Hop and Swing dance with the beau 26. Create a successful SASSY brand - with products, course, workshops and books - working on it! 27. Meet Emma Forrest 28. Create my own line of greeting cards and stationery 29. Dress like a rockabilly beauty and go to a weekender 30. Create a beautiful creative and spiritual sanctuary 31. Become a reiki master 32. Meet Francesca Lia Block 33. Run a Sassy retreat for women every summer 34. Stay in an ashram in India 35. Write for Soul and Spirit magazine - Done. And I still do! 36. Give birth 37. create without fear - working on it! 38. stay in an airstream caravan 39. own a cupcake/bookshop 40. make my own pasties 41. sing in public 42. Help girls and women to love themselves and become divas of their destinies 43. become a tattoo-ed domestic goddess - Done. I can cook at least five meals and bake the best cookies you'll ever taste. 44. Make Paloma Faith my BFF. 45. Be grateful every day for everything I have - I do this every morning, because I am. VERY grateful. 46. To be able to fit into a Marc Jacobs dress. Not done, but I hear he's doing a plus size range which will mean I WILL be able to fit into one of his creations - hurrah. 47. To immerse in a spring naked - Done. Did it August 2010 in the White Springs, Glastonbury - best experience of my life s'far.

48. To fall head over kitten heels in love with a man who would be my partner for life - I wrote that in 2009, and in August 2010, I met the beau. He is ABSOLUTELY the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. 49. To be a healthy, fit size 16. - Working at it. 50. Kiss in the rain. Done. And Plan to do it a lot more in the future.

Authentic, SpiritualLisa