Make a declaration o' self-love

tumblr_l1c4ymYlfa1qbqsuqo1_500_larg_large Miss Aimz has been whisked away to New York as it's her b-day - I am NOT envy-green, I repeat, I am NOT envy green - so it's left to li'l ol' me to celebrate the love stuff with y'all - hurrah!

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I LOVE love. And while I dig all things V-day - I'll be spending a considerable amount o' today letting the beau smooch off my very expensive Tom Ford lipstick - the most important thing that we ALL need to do today, whether you're single/married/in-smooch, is to make sure you declare your complete and utter admiration and filled-to-the-brim heart-shaped love for the most important person in the whole wide world...YOU.

It's all very well to declare stuff for others, but before you're able to do that with any kind o' sincerity or sense o' realness you need to love you. The things you think are flaws? Embrace them, I dare you. That voice in your head who talks trash 'bout you? Tell it to hush it's mouth and pay yourself delicious candy-covered compliments instead - 'why (insert your name here), you look simply ravishing today!'

Make February 14th the day you make a declaration o' self-love:

♥ Greet your reflection with a declaration of love for the next seven days - how would you like a lover to greet you? Greet yourself in that way, with sincerity, love and respect because you absolutely deserve it.

♥ Literally self-love - self-pleasuring is a perfect-O way (see what I did there?!) to make sure you hit the spot and experience an amazing orgasm that will give you a bad-girl blush and a twinkle in your eye for the entire day. C'mon, you absolutely deserve it.

♥ Book a massage, buy yourself perfume, take yourself to a movie, have a bubble bath, read a book from beginning to end, take yourself on a solo-girl date - don't rely on a partner to treat you, YOU need to make sure that YOU are treated as you deserve to be treated...go on, spoil absolutely deserve it.

♥ Most importantly, and probably the hardest o' them all, make a commitment to love yourself every single day for the rest of your life. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, only YOU can do something about that - support YOU, be YOUR own best cheerleader, pay YOU compliments, respect YOU and treat YOU like a princess - why? Yep, you've guessed it because you absolutely deserve it!

Authentic, SpiritualLisa