Love Your Cycle, Love Yourself


I have had a DELICIOUS weekend immersed in yoga nidra - it's a combo of yogic sleep + meditation, yet it's SO much more than too, basically it's pretty powerful shiz. Not only did I get a full download on what I needed to do to make the final edit o' Code Red pop, I've also had the most incredible sleep three nights running and I feel alive + positively full o' Ma Shakti - rarrr!

So yeah, totally recommend yoga nidra.  I also totally recommend taking time out of life to nourish your sweet self.  I know you're going to hit me up with a ton of totally feasible and legitimate excuses - I know you're busy, I know you're time-poor, I know you've got to build a business/go to work/look after your babies + children - delete as applicable - but as women we have been conditioned to believe that nurturing, nourishing + taking care of ourselves is selfish. Taking time out when we should be looking after kids/working hard/stressing is reckless + that doing what makes your heart sing is unrealistic. For some, the idea o' me taking an entire weekend out in the middle of a house move, when my auntie has just died, when I've got a book to finish + classes to prepare in order to tend to my body + my spiritual needs would be decadent + indulgent. 


Once again, in a time honoured SASSY tradition, I call bullshit.

Self-love isn't an option, it's necessary.

How would it feel if just for a fleeting moment each day, you didn’t hate on your body? You knew that perfectionism, self-deprecation, comparison + all the icky feelings that stop you from loving on your sweet-ass self are all intrinsically linked to how you experience your menstrual cycle each month? You knew how to show up for yourself + increase your self-love levels in every phase of your cycle?

Since embarking on my own #INBodyment journey, I’ve seen that by turning self love into a sacred + personalised-to-me practice that’s completely in tune with the moon and my menstrual cycle, it can actually be sweet-tasting, and not, as I first thought, sick-inducing.

I TOTALLY want this for you too, which is why I’m offering this 1 hour live master-class that will show you that when you fall in love with your menstrual cycle and the divine feminine super-powers that each phase holds, you are able to fall much more deeply in love with yourself. It’s actually freakin’ awesome.

Yep, by the end of this class, not only will you be able to say ‘self-love’ without pulling a cringe-y face, you’ll mean it, from deep down in your lady-bones, because you really will be on your way to diggin’ on your sweet-self.

How do I know? Because I can do it. I can totally say ‘self-love’ without pulling a cringe-y face. Self-love, self-love, self-love. See? And I mean it, I really mean it, I love me. Not all the time, obv., especially not on day 27 of my bleed cycle, but for the most part, I am able to find love for me and the body that I’m in. How freakin’ incredible is that? I don't have my self-love shit together, I don't have a one-size-fits all fixer either, I am simply a guide-ess who has access to ancient feminine wisdom, practical magic + sacred movement, which when combined can create a you-nique-to-you SASSY – Spiritual, Authentic, Sensational, Sensual, YOU – self-love practice in tune with the moon and your menstrual cycle + I want to share the tools, insight, wisdom and rituals that I’m using, to help you do the same. 

This isn’t a 5 point plan on how to love your body. I won’t be providing diet plans or an exercise regime, this class will simply be a beautiful invitation to explore your true nature as a woman, in the body that you're in. An opportunity for you to discover, get to know and celebrate yourself in all your beautiful, imperfect, messy-ness.

You will: - Explore + understand each phase of the moon + menstrual cycle - Address the physical and mental issues that may thwart your self-love journey in each phase of your cycle - Awaken + work with the powers of each phase to heal and empower you - Activate the moon energy of each phase – it’s what all the best witches do - Discover deeply ancient feminine techniques that will nurture + nourish your body, cycle AND spirit - Be able to ask questions at the end of each call in the Q+A section - Be given practical magic that will help you to work with your cycle + create a unique-to-you self-love practice that feels real and true to you. FYI: It may look like mine, it may not. It may involve mala beads and chanting, it may involve rocking out on stage in killer heels and a hot pink boa. How it looks is unimportant, how it feels however, is totally essential and together, we’ll make sure it feels SO good. I promise.

WHEN: 5th August 2014 TIME: 8pm BST

If you can't join me live, don't fret, the class will be recorded and sent out to everyone within 24 hours. Sign up for class simply by clicking the 'buy now' button below:




By signing up to Love Your Cycle, Love Yourself, you will be making the first o' many SASSY-inspired offerings o' love to your sweet-ass self. In order to get the best results from this class, I recommend building a pillow den, buying some cherries + dark chocolate and taking notes in your favourite journal.   FYI:  This wisdom is ancient feminine juju and no matter if you’ve had your womb surgically removed, have reached menopause, had menopause prematurely induced or you’re on the pill/injection/coil/implant - we can ALL access our SHE power through our cyclic nature. Yet another reason why being a woman rocks.