Lose Weight Peacefully

256972_10150223952118898_204884743897_7023803_3414808_o I'm all kinds o' excited.

As part of my weight release adventure to all things health-like and an abundance o' happy stuff, I've signed up for the Lose Weight Peacefully eCourse - an opportunity to discover your ideal weight eating food you love. I've released 4 stoneage, but have now come to a bit of a standstill, so I'm looking to try allsorts o' tools and techniques that resonate with me over the next 6 months...

This six week intensive Lose Weight Peacefully eCourse claims to help me discover how to make the connection between food, feelings and life - and lose weight. Now, that deffo works for me!

Jen Gallagher, author and creatrix o' this eCourse is an author, qualified counsellor, aromatherapist and teacher. She worked in the areas of health and education for nearly twenty years, helping many others on their personal journey. Despite this, she struggled with her weight since childhood. After years of searching, she finally discovered a simple approach that enabled her to stop dieting, find peace and get on with life. She now shares her amazingly simple approach and insights to bring lasting change for you, wherever you live in the world - she's pretty freakin' awesome.

Why don't you join us? During this eCourse you will have access to an exclusive weekly 1 hour conference call and the recording, exclusive weekly The Peaceful Way reflections in PDF file to work through at your own pace (not available anywhere else), unlimited exclusive email access for support throughout the eCourse anytime AND everyone who joins the eCourse will also receive a copy of Jen's eBook Lose Weight Peacefully as a bonus!

I'll be posting about my LWP journey each week here for the next 76 weeks, reviewing the book and interviewing Jen, but for full details and bookings on this course or the next, head over to: http://www.essential-oil-goddess.com/lose-weight-peacefully-ecourse.html