Do it like a #SHEboss

shebossI had a revelation this weekend.I have been freelance/working for myself/creatrix o’ my own destiny/#SHEboss for officially ten years now. *Totally high fiving myself.* In that 9-to-5 job, I'd felt like I was a square peg being bashed into a round hole, like my big, substantial curvy ass was being squished into one of those teeny-tiny, super-conventional office cubicles, and as anyone who has ever done anything that doesn't feel good for a long period of time will tell you, that shiz gets uncomfy. But I get it now. I get why I didn't fit. It wasn't my tattoos, blue hair and 'interesting' dress sense (okay it might have been that a bit) it’s this: Dudes are linear. Women are cyclic.

Yet as women, we’re all trying to work to a super-structured, dude-centric 9-5 schedule, 5 days a week calendar, where we are expected to deliver the same results consistently day in, day out. We then seek self-help and sign up to coaching to help us get better/achieve goals/be successful yet most of the books + practices available right now are dude-centric too. We then set unrealistic expectations of ourselves and go on to beat ourselves up and deem ourselves ‘not good enough’ when we can’t deliver in a consistent way.

Good news: there is another way.

When you stop trying to do it like a dude, and work with the natural rhythms of nature, the moon and your menstrual cycle, you unlock your cyclic super powers and do business AND life like a #SHEboss.

Yep, becoming a moon + menstrual maven who understands and is in total sync with her natural rhythms WILL make it significantly easier (and a whole lot more enjoyable) to earn money, build a business you love and create an amazing life. I am living proof. My messy, imperfect, sometimes suck-y, mostly fucking awesome life, is one fully-lived adventure that I love and adore AND get paid for.

Damn, I am so grateful that I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I was diagnosed the month I became freelance and now I get why. If I hadn’t had to get intimate with my lady landscape,  I seriously doubt that I would ever have discovered my SHE powers, the ones that are now fully activated and used in my business, and in my life, to make it a whole lot more awesome-er. (Totally a word.) Being a #SHEboss means I get to make the rules and right now, the rules look like this. (The great thing is, when you roll with your natural rhythms, those rules can change too.)

What’s a #SHEboss? - She’s a badass business woman who makes decisions by syncing with the cycles of nature, the moon and her menstrual cycle – this connection is her power source.

- She knows EXACTLY when to book meetings, do an interview, write web copy, plan edits, meet a new client, launch a new product to ensure maximum results.

- Despite functioning in a linear, dude-centric world, she is able to create a schedule that works for both her life and her business.

- She actively seeks the blocks that are stopping her from earning big money, faces them head on and mud-wrestles them into submission. (Yep, a #SHEboss gets down and dirty with her fears.)

- She is able to write blog posts, web copy, book content + heart riffs that connect directly to her target audience.

- She is able to communicate her needs, wants and desires to herself, to her partner + to her clients so she can be TOTALLY of service.

- She has a direct hook up to SHE. (There is NO better business partner. FACT.)

This is how I run The SASSY SHE. Like a #SHEboss. Right now, I'm taking time out. I've earned big money through the spring and summer, which means I can afford to retreat inwards during autumn and winter to create, heal, write, do a life + business edit and most importantly, play. In our fast-paced, techno-dominated world this may seem old fashioned and whimsy, but ladies, tuning into the energy of the seasons, the moon and your menstrual cycle is a powerhouse of resources for doing it like a #SHEboss. It's not an excuse to NOT take responsibility for your life. It's about holding off on making certain decisions, or understanding why certain things may be going awry due to the moon and your menstrual cycles. It's not about predicting the future, or 'knowing' the answers. It's about using this knowledge, this ancient feminine wisdom,  as a guide.

I'm a called girl, and right now, instead of running programmes + classes, I'm called to write + share how you can redefine what business + life can look + feel like when you work in total awareness of your moon + monthly superpowers. I get asked a lot about how I do business, how I write blog posts, how I write a book, build a brand, how I get press coverage and how to not let social media give you a case of the 'I'm not good enough' when a constant stream of so-called perfect lives and people declaring their six figure months scroll through your news feeds on a daily basis. Which is why in this Do it like a #SHEboss blog series (make sure you sign up for weekly SHEmail - put your deets in under the pink typewriter over ther on your right - so you never miss it) I'll share how you can become a seriously badass business women and experience levels of achievement and personal fulfilment WAY beyond your expectations in work AND your personal life by syncing it with the cycles of nature, the moon + your menstrual cycle, working directly with SHE (your not so silent business partner) and daring to do you, unapologetically.

So, are you ready to Do it like a SHEboss? Hit me up with any questions or comments you have either in the comment box below, or over at the facebook page and I'll make sure I cover them in upcoming videos + blog posts.