...Like a #SHEboss


So we've talked about being a #SHEboss before, right?Just in case you need a reminder, she's a badass woman who makes life + business decisions by syncing with the cycles of nature, the moon and her menstrual cycle because she KNOWS this connection is her power source. This is how I run The SASSY SHE.

Like a #SHEboss.

In our fast-paced, techno-dominated world this may seem old fashioned and whimsy, but ladyloves, tuning into the energy of the seasons, the moon and your menstrual cycle is a powerhouse of resources for creating a bloody amazing life + business. It’s not an excuse to NOT take responsibility for your life. In fact, it's totally the opposite. It’s about holding off on making certain decisions, or understanding why certain things may be going awry due to the moon and your menstrual cycles. It’s not about predicting the future, or ‘knowing’ the answers. It’s about using this knowledge, this ancient feminine wisdom,  as your guide. I get asked a lot about how I do business, how I write blog posts, how I write a book, build a brand, how I get press coverage and how to not let social media give you a case of the ‘I’m not good enough’ when a constant stream of so-called perfect lives and people declaring their six figure months scroll through your news feeds on a daily basis. Now, I don't claim to be a business expert, but I'm currently working with 6 awesome women on my mistress-ry mentoring programme, and all 6 have signed up because they want to do business a different way. They want to do it like a #SHEboss.

How do I do it?  There's a LOT o' trust involved. For example, I've spent a lot of time recently with light workers, my gorgeous friend Rebecca Campbell is heading up a tenacious tribe right now, and it's freakin' luminous. Light work + high vibes are sexy. Blood work? Not so much. As I've said a gazillion times, do you think I'd CHOOSE to talk about periods, vulvas, the unheard stories o' women and lady landscapes - the blood + guts of being a woman? Hell no. So many women hate their period and what it represents for them - pain, not pregnant, shame, blame, disgust - delete as applicable. Yet this is how SHE has chosen to work through me. Through endometriosis and my own not-a-lot-o-love relationship with my lady parts, I share this work because I HAVE to. I'm crazy-passionate about it, it lights me up.  I HAVE no choice but to help you identify and access the phases of your menstrual cycle to help you create a bloody amazing life. But it's not just about the content either. You have to also trust that SHE'll ask you to show up differently too. The dude-centric, linear constructs that we are called to operate in on a daily basis aren't changing anytime soon, yet SHE will ask you to work in a more feminine, cyclic way and that shiz takes ovaries. You have to literally stop, be still + just be and ask 'what is it that wants to come through me?' You'll be called to use your body to FEEL whether or not the services and products you're offering are vibin' right + resonant. The feminine has MAD skills, but one of my favourites is that the the female body is red-printed to be incredibly receptive, so open up + allow her to feel what feels good. So if you teach business but you're being called to talk about raw food because you feel more alert and creative when you eat that way - TRUST. If you're finding that you're being called to take to the yoga mat each morning but instead of pulling some serious pretzel-like asanas your body wants to follow it's own rhythm, just do it and see how much MORE delicious your day will be because you've trusted Her call. TRUST. Even if it looks like NOTHING else that's out there right now. Even if it means launching in a totally different way than the so-called experts tell you to. Even if it means sharing in a way that feels totally vulnerable. (In my experience, ESPECIALLY if it means that.) Only the work that feels like it's of deep service to your dharma will make it to the final cut. In work, in business, in relationships, in life. How fucking cool is THAT?

How do you do it? If you're called, you can sign up to work with me - it's deep + powerful, there's swearing, sometimes tears + we laugh lots (Just so you know though, my job is to guide you, to ask questions, to invite you to excavate your truth, your truth + your purpose. It's YOUR job to find the answers - if you're looking for a business 101, I'm not your girl. SHEbosses don't have a rule book on how to DO life - they trust, open up, feel + allow for awesomeness to unfold, which I KNOW can be tricky in a dude-led world that is ALL about the goals, structure and getting shit done.)  - but right now, simply start to care less about what others are doing and how they're doing it, and instead follow ideas + concepts that light YOU the fuck up. Not necessarily for work (although know that filling your well with play +  will mean you will ALWAYS be able to be of better service) but just be more playful, care less about the outcome + more about the process - THIS IS THE WAY OF SHE.

Does the idea of trusting your own knowing + not the 'experts' freak you out? What do you REALLY want to do but are holding back on because you're not sure it fits your current business model? What if the only brand was you and you just did what lit you up? What do you think would happen? What could go wrong? Most importantly, what could go right?! I'd LOVE for you to share in the comments below or over at the facebook page.