Life lessons from Will.i.Am

will-i-am-mj-albumI am a total fangirl of BBC's The Voice. Whilst I don't have a swivel-y chair, surely a 10 year diet of Pop Idol &; The X Factor makes me somewhat o' a musical aficionado, non? I couldn't tell them if they had a wobbly falsetto, but I do know that when they play You Raise me Up they've got a killer sob story. The Voice though? Well, it's kind o' different. Well it has for a start and I have got a mad-crazy crush on him. He's a kooky nerd-boy who happens to be a song-writing genius, my most favourite o' boy-shaped combinations. Anyway, I digress. Did you see Saturday night's show?

Jaz Ellington became the final artist to join Team And in case I wasn't crushing super-hard already, after Jaz performed, who 'smashed it', btw (it's what you say when someone is all kinds of acecakes on these kinda shows, y'know.) said: 'I’m going to speak from the heart right now. My gut told me something was going to come that was absolutely spectacular and along come you.'

Not only is the dude some kind o' musical genius, he's now my go-to guru for spiritual advice too. His fellow judges were encouraging him to hit his button for a previous act, but he listened to his gut, held back because he knew awesomeness was still to come, and scored himself, what I'd like to predict in my role as kick-ass sofa judge, the winner.

I'd like to say I've always lived my life this way, but I'd be totally lying. I've known that when I do follow my gut, listened to my inner GPS system, amazingness happened. I've also known that when I didn't, when I went against that gut feeling, life went kind o' wonky and wrong, but I did it anyway. What can I say? Some lessons you have to learn the hard way, right?

Anyway, last year, I made a pact with myself to follow my gut in ALL areas o' my life. If I had big decisions to make, I'd place my hands on my solar plexus/super-cute Buddha belly and simply tune in. It's not failed me yet. In fact, life has never been sweeter. People have come and gone in my life because of it - some sad, some liberating, I've had to deal with messy shit from previous decisions made with my head and not my gut, but I HAVE dealt with them, and amazing x 100000 people, opportunities, adventures and experiences have appeared in my world because I tuned in, listened to my intuition and acted on it. So, in the words o', 'as a lesson to everyone on the planet, follow your gut.'

High fives to that, hotster.

Oh, and if you didn't see it, you NEED to check this dude out. AMAZE. (Is it wrong that when Will gets super-emo, he wrote Ordinary People, I crush on him even harder?!)