Kali, the spiral + taking your medicine

Last year, a year to the day, I wrote a blog post called: finding your truth in a Kali Ma shit storm.
I'm hooking you up with it again because it's proof of the cyclical spiral that we're all experiencing this lifetime. Re-reading these words I'm reminded that over the last week, I've felt exactly the same emotions rising in me as I did a year ago - this time of change, the crossover of seasons it causes a stirring in me that I don't always like.
I see you, Kali. I see you.
The good news is that previously, I'd have been all 'shit, THIS? AGAIN?' But one of the very few things I do actually enjoy about facebook, is the function that tells you about the memories you've shared on this day over the years, and when being reminded of this blog post, I know that this time round on the spiral that is spring, that is my relationship with Kali Ma, I have new knowledge, new learnings that I'm able to apply to the sting of change. New wisdom about myself about the female experience for me, in this body, that I didn't have access to last year when I wrote that blog post.
It WILL show up again. My work with Kali + change + transformation is never-ending, it's uncomfortable + means that I often times piss people off, that my tongue is fierce + that my ability to please is non-existant, but I'm offering myself up a celebratory high five for seeing the spiral in action, for acknowledging it's existence + for actually sipping from my own cup o' unravelled medicine that the previous year and her monthly cycles has shared with me + within me. It's pretty badass, isn't it? Life, I mean.

If you recognise cyclic patterns in your life - high fives. If you recognise cyclic patterns + how at each spin of the spiral you're learning how to cope/deal/mend/heal - PLEASE share the pattern. Please share your medicine. This is a conversation I think we NEED to be having.