I've written the freakin' book.

For a long time in our household, we didn't talk about 'the book.' When the beau and I met I was writing it, I think he found the idea of dating a writer-girl kinda hot. 'Cept, I wasn't really writing it. I was procrastinating. I could talk about it all day long. I could go into crazy amounts o' detail as to why it NEEDED to be written. In fact, I did everything EXCEPT write the freakin' book.

The beau used to ask 'how's the book coming along?' and I'd shrug and say 'yep, it's coming.' 'Cept it wasn't. I had a head full of ideas, books full of hand-written notes, not only for this book, but for the next 3 books in the series, in-depth summaries of each chapter, interviews with AMAZING women - really amazing women, but still no actual finished manuscript. It's not like I hadn't done this before, I'd written 10 of my own books, and various other titles as an author-for-hire, but SASSY was proving a rather difficult book birth. Last summer, the beau stopped asking about 'the book' and instead of book writing, I spent ten weeks working at a job I didn't love. FYI: There is nothing like doing something that's NOT your purpose, to get you totally clear about what is. In the space o' 3 months, I finished the book.

375925_10150447758671321_516186320_10751810_1319467379_n Basically, based on my SASSY concept, I developed a book-writing plan that involved me aligning my powers o' SASS - Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual & Sensational - to make shit happen. Yep, be prepared, when you read the book, there's a HUGE chance you'll become an Action-taking Annie, in fact I'd put money on it. Yep, the idea for the book itself, gave me the tools to finish the book - how freakin' crazy is that? It flicked my writer-girl switch to 'on', I got focused, made a daily date with my writer-girl self and I finished the freakin' book.

I got confirmation from the publisher yesterday, that now all the edits are done, it's officially in production, which means in 6 months or less, SASSY: The Go-For-It Guide to becoming Mistress of Your Destiny, will be a real-life book o' wonder available for you to read, love, sleep with, doodle in, lick. Delete as applicable.

The moral of the story? You've got to make shit happen. Talking does not make your big, beautiful dreams happen. It's all about the action, baby.

What dream are you currently not making happen? What step could you take today, no matter how small, to start the ball rolling? If writing a book is something you're talking about and NOT actually doing, work with me to WRITE THE FREAKIN' BOOK. It's my brand new book-writing package that will have your book written, with a ready-to-print version in your hands in just 6 months. The process will be so suitably SASSY, you'll be planning the 2nd and 3rd book as you write. Fact.

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Do it. Do it now.