It's all about the bass. And the hips, and the belly and the whole down-there-ness.


So back in December, you might remember me talking about how 2015 was going to be my year of being 'all in' - I was told by super-clever astro-geeks that that there has been some crazy shiz going down in Scorpio for the last 2 years (yep, can TOTALLY vouch for that!) and that while it's effected us all, it would have had most impact on Scorpios (yep, I can TOTALLY vouch for that too) anyway, the good news is that it ended in December - hurrah - and at the risk of sounding woo-woo (don't I always?!) I felt a whole lot lighter because of it.In body, in mind and most deffo in spirit.

The Viking and I both roll in sync with the seasons, so we're still very much in our creative, play + down-time winter cave (if you're waiting on a response from me regarding editing or mentoring know that I will be back at my desk on the 2nd Feb, Imbolc, ready to work with you and plant seeds together for Spring) and as part of my own play I've been exploring two things that I need to share with you, woman to woman.


Non-pretzel shape-pulling

I've taken to the yoga mat each day, (if you're on Instagram, you'll totally know that - come join me @sassylisalister I LOVE Instagram) which I know as a yoga teacher 'should' be a given, right? Except, 1. I'm rubbish with 'shoulds', and 2. When I'm day 23 of my menstrual cycle, the idea of pulling a warrior pose is not something that ever appeals to me, so I've devised my own practice. SHE Flow yoga - a fierce and feminine practice that puts the 'ass' in asana and it feels SO good. A lot of yoga and it's teachings are super-masculine and devised for a male physique, SHE Flow yoga is deeply nourishing, I've created pose modifications that take into account women have hips, asses, boobs + tums and while we don't put our legs behind our ears, we do build strength and flexibility through nourishing movement that works with your body's needs and rhythms at any point in your menstrual cycle.

So yeah, move your body in a way that feels good for you, not necessarily in the way you've been taught or think that you should.

So yeah, move your body in a way that feels good for you, not necessarily in the way you've been taught or think that you should. For example, inversions are NOT good for you or your body if you're bleeding or about to bleed, and you may feel the need to keep your practice closer to the ground during this time too with lots of soothing belly stretches - just a suggestion. If you're in the Portsmouth area, come join me in person for SHE Flow yoga classes + workshops, if you're loving the sound of SHE Flow Yoga but live a gazillion miles away, good news - I'll be launching online classes in April - wohhhooo! For class timetables + to be the first to know about online classes, head over to SHE Flow Yoga and sign up for inbox love.


Shake what yo' mumma gave you

The second thing is bellydance. I used to tribal belly dance, mainly because the costumes are fierce and I got to stomp around like a badass gypsy, but now I'm doing Egyptian which involves a whole lot of shaking + shimmying. Yep, it's is all about the bass. And the hips. And the belly. And all that down-there-ness and I'm loving it.

I love feeling my hips sway. I love feeling my rolls of chub jiggle as I shimmy. I'm a woman, and what both of these practices both belly dance AND SHE Flow yoga have reminded me, is how much power I hold in my down-there-ness, yet because we all sit down too much, it causes stagnation in our pelvis. Mine was definitely stagnated. It had got tight, and this tightness + rigidity didn't just effect my pelvis, it effected my entire body, my ability to create, my passion for life because our womb and our bellies are home to our truth as women, and if we let them, if we move them and move with them, if we trust them, she can + will be our very best guide.

Unfortunately, looking around my dance class, I see how foreign it is for us to move our hips, to really let that area of our body move in a way that feels good because it's also the space that carries our stories, our body shame, our menstrual pain, everything we let define us as women is held in our womb + belly.

I talk about this a lot in Explore Your Lady Landscape - which you only have 9 days left to sign up for (if you need a payment plan, hit reply to this email + we'll sort it out) - but right now, I want you to tune into that space between your boobs + thighs. Now move. Do yoga, belly dance, sway your hips as you walk, shake yo' ass, be aware when you're holding your tummy in and let your muffin top hang loose for a while, if you wear hold-in pants take them off because in my self-declared year of the ovaries, womb and the whole down-there SHE bang, it is ALL about the bass. No treble. I invite you to shake it off, shake off everything that you're holding onto that no longer serves you because lady, your hips don't lie, they tell your truth of what it is to be a woman, so let them sway free. You are fiercely feminine. Own it. + yes, I did just drop Trainor, Swift AND Shakira lyrics in one sentence. Is this not the best love letter to your lady-parts EVER?!

QUESTION: What's your relationship with your lady parts? Does the idea of moving the area below your boobs, getting intimate with it + letting it guide you, fill you with fear? Maybe it makes you giggle or perhaps you're just craving to know more ways to connect - either share your thoughts below or join the convo over at Facebook.