I used to be THE SHIT when it came to music

I used to be THE SHIT when it came to music. Seriously, any genre, I was your girl. I was obsess-o about new releases, I kept my CDs in some freaky-deaky alphabetized order and I knew every lyric to Take That and The Stone Roses. I was, like I say, THE SHIT.

I promised myself that I'd NEVER be one of those adults that had a selection of five CDs that they played on repeat because they'd seen an advert for it on TV. Except, that's EXACTLY who I've become. How do I know? I own an Ed Sheeran CD. Proof that I am no longer THE SHIT when it comes to music, I'm just shit. Then, last week author Michael Linford, who is writing an amazing book called Twenty Twelve, said to me, 'It's the end of the world and you've just enough time to listen to the last 20 songs you'll ever hear, what would you choose?' What started out as a fun 30 minute task, had me spending an entire day hitting on Youtube, crying, laughing and cringing at the memories my music choices evoked, until I finally got down to my final fifty... Then I had to shortlist it to twenty and that had me throwing cushions across the room, cursing Michael for making me go all High Fidelity obsess-o, but secretly so pleased that through making my end o' the world mixtape, I'd rekindled my love stuff with music. Sigh.

So, in no particular order, The Lisa Clark End o' the world tracks would be...

1. 'With or without you' by U2 2. 'Rule the world' by Take That 3. 'Lola' by The Kinks 4. 'I am the resurrection' by The Stone Roses 5. 'Goddess on a highway' by Mercury Rev 6. 'Into my arms' by Nick Cave 7. 'Underneath your clothes' by Shakira 8. 'At my most beautiful' by REM 9. 'Eternal flame' by The Bangles 10. 'Just when you're thinking things over' by The Charlatans 11. 'Brown eyed girl' by Van Morrison 12. 'Defying gravity' Wicked Soundtrack 13. 'A punk' by Vampire Weekend 14. 'Isn't she lovely?' by Stevie Wonder 15. 'Red' by Daniel Merriweather 16. 'Use somebody' by Kings Of Leon 17. 'To you I bestow' by Mundy 18. 'Iris' by Goo Goo Dolls 19. 'Black parade' by My Chemical Romance 20. 'Whatever' by Oasis

What would be the 20 tracks you'd listen to if the world was ending? I LOVE a mixtape/playlist so share your very own mixtape love here or over at Facebook, oh, and send it to Michael too!

To find out more about Michael and his book, Twenty Twelve, visit: www.michaellinford.co.uk