I love my yoni

It's Thursday, let's talk about vaginas.Not in hushed tones, not in the doctor's surgery - but right here, on this blog.

Are you reading this through splaid fingers, wondering where on earth this feature is going? Are you pleading with me to review my favourite lipstick or bore you with my ongoing love stuff for Take That's Gary Barlow? Anything's got to be better than vagina talk ,right? Wrong.

It's no surprise that we can’t talk about ‘getting it on’ with ourselves when we usually mouth the words ‘down there’ while pointing in it's general direction. Our place of pleasure, our genitalia, our vulva, our clitoris, our vagina is the area that shall not be named, and by not naming it, we’re basically saying it doesn’t exist – how sad is that? This is the most beautiful jewel in the treasure box of a woman, yet the only names we can come up with are pussy, mini ha-ha, flu-flu and va-jay-jay.

Personally, I use the Sanskrit term, Yoni, I think it sounds sensual and delicious and positively love-filled, don’t you? Thing is, if we don’t name it something we love, how on earth are we going to show it love? And that is a real SASSY super-hero-girl power - knowing that you have insta-access to pleasure at the flick (or touch, or rub, or stroke) of your pleasure switch. Your clitoris, your very own pleasure button, which literally has no other function except to give you delicious feel-good pleasure – seriously, if ever there was a reason to be a girl in the world, that’s got to be it – is not to be ignored, it should be positively celebrated.

Which is why I am so excited about the latest creations from JunkItLove, yoni pendants.


These truly beautiful designs are made by a goddess, for goddesses. Each Yoni has its own story to tell, and arrives with a description of what the artist was thinking when she made it for you...Donna Carter, creatrix o' these items o' beauty says:

"...It is such a pure pleasure to be making these pendants, imagining the women who wear and love them gives me huge joy and a feeling of sistershood, of non porn sensual sexuality :-). I love being a woman!"

They're £27.50 and available at JunkItLove

The one above is mine, and I'm endlessly touching, rubbing and stroking it. LOVE.

Your yoni is your source o' both power and pleasure. Get to know it, show it love. Honour the fact you're a gorgeous woman who totally owns your goddess-girl power. Because you are, and you should. Fact.

Now say it proud, I LOVE MY YONI!