I like big BUTS and I cannot lie


It's true, I do. SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL starts TOMORROW and I wanted to make sure that if you've been hovering over the sales page for the last week or two thinking, 'I really want to do SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL, but...' I was available today to answer your 'buts' (pun TOTALLY intended. I really want to do SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL, but...I'll be on holiday for some of it.' I hear you, no one likes to miss out. The good news is that each week I will share a practice that's totally in tune with the energy of that particular moon phase, so if you're on holiday during the waning moon, you can simply pick it up when you're back from holiday when we'll be creating movement with the dark/new moon. Also, everything is downloadable, so you'll be able to take it anywhere + watch it on your tablet or phone too if you fancied a li'l poolside/campsite yoga (depending on your holiday locale!)

'I really want to do SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL, but...I have kids off from school, how will I fit it in?' Everything about the SHE Flow Yoga practice is that it's created to nourish + nurture YOU, so signing up to join me for SUMMER SCHOOL is the perfect opportunity to show your body some BIG love by making time for it. The good news is that there's some fun Wake + Shake your Shakti vids that are literally just 3 to 5 minutes long, and if you can't find time to do ANY of the practices and you JUST do one of these a day? That will absolutely be enough. I've also broke the weekly practices down to a short ten minute video and a longer 20 minute video, so there are plenty of ways to make sure you get a daily fix of SHE Flow Yoga!

'I really want to do SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL, but...I'm uncoordinated/in a bigger body/have stiff joints/have hyper-mobile joints and worry I won't be able to do the moves I hear you, I am ALL of those things but EVERYTHING I share is not 'follow + repeat'. In class, I offer up possibilities, the REAL practice of SHE Flow Yoga is to allow yourself to trust and love your body enough to know what feels good, and not to do anything that doesn't feel really freakin' good.That doesn't mean stop if you get sweaty, sweat is good, the moves + practices I share are opportunities to explore your edges, to dance with your thoughts about what it should look like and instead drop into what it feels like + this WILL change EVERY time you get on the mat.

If you have any BUTS that are stopping you from pressing the 'sign up' button forSHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL - a 4 week online introduction to a fierce + feminine, moon + menstrual cycle-led yoga practice - hit reply to this email and I'll be around all day to answer your questions + let you know if it's a 'yep, this is totally for you' or 'nope, you need a different practice - try this!' - if I've already answered your questions and you're all 'shut up talking Lisa, I've waited long enough, just let me sign up already,' I'm high fiving you and sending you straight HERE

I'm a strict mistress, when the school bell rings tomorrow morning - Friday July 31st at 9am BST - registration will end, and you'll no longer be able to sign up - boo. Don't miss out, click HERE to  join me for a summer of body love, laughter + probably a Taylor Swift sing-song, because I really can't help myself!