How I became a 'called' girl. (Not to be confused with call girl.)

Jane Birkin So I've been trying offline living. Turns out it rocks. Technology is great, but real life interaction and experiences with people - people you dig the shiz out of, obv. - is ah-freakin'-mazing. While I was offline, people would ask, 'Lisa, what are you doing exactly?' and I would simply say, 'I'm experiencing, dont'cha know.'

While I was experiencing, something happened. An undercurrent of awesome started swirling deep in my heart. It was deeply familiar, yet completely unknown.

I was being called. And unlike the gazillion times I've ignored that call in the past - I was worried that I'd be judged, or that it was out o' my comfy zone, or that it was too different to what I do now, or I'd simply ask myself 'who do you think you are?' - this time, I listened and I opened up to the possibility o' awesome. (I still heard the doubts and the fears and the concerns, but d'ya know what? I did it anyway because when you get the call - it's kinda like the red hot bat phone, except superhero costume is optional - you really do need to answer it.)

Just after my mumma was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I started drawing women. Powerful, sensual, magickal women. Each soul sister stepped forward to be immortalised in ink with love, felt tips and SASSY sorcery. Then, back in August while I was 'experiencing', I discovered I had 39 pieces o' art. SASSY SHE art. This was when I was called. There was no 'hey this is your hotline to the Divine, I'm calling for a hook up' (which, quite frankly, I was a li'l disappointed about), just a clear, deep, honey-coated female voice whispering in my ear, 'put out a call on Facebook to ask if people will pre-order a set of your oracle cards to fund a print run.' So, without hesitation, because...well, I'm a sucker for a pretty voice, and if I'm honest, I felt like a superhero on a secret mission, I did. Over a 120 gorgeous, gorgeous souls ordered a set in the first week and the order was placed. There was no great master plan, I was simply called. The first print run sold out in 2 days, and they are now in the hands o' women all across the globe, who are working with them and sending me heart mail telling me that they are loving on them BIG. (You can order your set here.)

She called again last week. 'Set up a free SASSY SHE online circle. A community where ladykind come together to engage in the SASSY SHE – all that is wild, cyclical, fierce and untamed - through readings, insight, truth telling, story sharing and wisdom sharing.' G-friend is specific, I'll give her that. I launched it under Friday's new moon, and four days in, my heart is so big with what's happening in that space. Come join us.

So basically my point is, I'm now 'that' girl. The girl that is 'called' to do stuff. I am a called girl. (Not to be confused with call girl. That's something entirely different. Although, if your not following your big beat-y heart and are pimping yo'self out in a job or a life you don't dig, there might be something in that.)

A called girl experiences life, moment to moment. She doesn't hold on too tightly to a defined and specific outcome, in fact she doesn't much care for that at all, instead she shows up, raises her heart and boobs to the sun, open to the infinite possibilities that occur when you collaborate with the divine/goddess/universe/spiritual homegirl - as always, delete as applicable - to make epic shit happen. A called girl feels a need, an urge to rise, she has no real plan o' action, no defined map, she doesn't need one. Just a yearning in her heart and trust in her belly. But what if... You fuck up? It doesn't turn out how you expected? It goes really freakin' well and you feel overwhelmed? Let the fear and anxiety be there, and do it anyway. Do it without any concern as to what it might be, or how it might turn out, or what it might lead to, but simply because you've been 'called'. Be a called girl. I dare you. because when you do, the really freakin' epic magick shit happens. Just sayin'.