How Dungeons & Dragons taught me to live a story worth telling...

When I was a kid, I had a total love/hate relationship with the teev programme, Dungeons & Dragons. (I also dug on Rainbow Brite and Jem & the holagrams too, but they're not entirely relevant to this post, although, any excuse for a bit o' 80's kids TV nostalgia, right?) Y'see, I used to love the bit in Dungeons and Dragons BEFORE they all went on that crazy mo-fo of a rollercoaster. I used to shout at the screen, 'don't go on the adventure, stay where you're at, you're safe there.' 'Cept, every freakin' week, in the same way that day follows night, those kids would go on a freakin' adventure. They knew bad stuff would happen, that it might be a li'l dark at times, but they went anyway.

I was never really that kinda girl. I liked safe. I never wanted that programme to end, because seriously, how could it? They'd fought off a big scary dude who rode a horse and shot fire, their lives would never be the same again. I didn't like the idea of that either. Change was not my thing. But every episode DID end, and they'd come out o' that dark and scary place and back into the light, and that light was a li'l bit brighter, and their life was a little bit different, because they'd learned new skills and discovered, and used, their new powers. I think what used to get me the most, was that they had so many chances to turn back, 'cept they never did. What was that about? If you were given the opportunity to get out of a dark and scary situ, you'd take it, wouldn't you? But they just kept going. They were holding out for something. Something good that they knew was worth fighting for. And that's what it's really all about, isn't it?

YOUR story.

It's so easy NOT to go on the adventure. To play it safe. But the best stories, the really good, juicy stories aren't safe. They don’t have predictable endings. So, let go of the 'safe' plan and embrace the adventure that is YOUR life. YOUR story. Don't fret, leading ladies get scared, but they do it anyway. They do the hard thing, which often means digging a bit deeper, checking out the shadows, hurting a li'l, hurting a lot, but y'know, pain is how we grow. A leading lady simply doesn't change without it, so stop finding ways to avoid discomfort. Go there. Feel it.

As this year comes to a close, I KNOW, that this year specifically, I've lived a story worth telling. How do I know? Because, I went there. I got on that freakin' Dungeons & Dragons rollercoaster,  and I rode it right into the excitement of a marriage proposal, feeling into what it's like to be loved in such a deep, big hearted, all-consuming and delicious way, exploring new ways to move my size 18 body through yoga, the hurt of losing friendships that I thought would last forever, setting killer-heeled foot on a new and exciting career path, feeling the intense pain and anger that comes with being told your parent is dying, giving thanks and gratitude for universal deadlines so that I could re-write the story with my mumma,  seeing my first book for grown-up girls, SASSY published, launching my own book imprint, SASSY Books, so I can provide an outlet for fellow-girl-kind to share their stories, feeling imperfect a lot more of the time and realising that it's actually okay.

I want 2013 to be the year that you no longer play it safe. That you shout 'hell-to-the-yeah' to living life bigger and, then, and this is my absolute favourite bit, I want you to write your heart out, I want you to Write Your Freakin' Book.

There's a group-jam roadtrip for Writer-Girl rockstars starting January 16th 2013 - you want in? Sign up NOW - only 12 places left! Or, if you're crazy-serious about sharing your story and going from idea to publication in 2013, hook up with me for 1-to-1 mentoring - I've only got 8 slots left in 2013 - let's talk!

Think of me as the dungeon master in Dungeons & Dragons, 'cept I'm a whole lot taller, and without the silly hair 'do, I will identify your magical writer-girl powers and together we'll ride that book-writing roller-coaster, shine light into the darkness, bust the ass off those demons that are stopping you from sharing your story, you'll uncover awesome blessons - blessings and lessons, see what I did there? - deepen your knowledge of who you are and most importantly, you'll Write Your Freakin' Book - high freakin' fives to that!