Here come the curves.

In February, I will be here. The Official London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend.

Yep, Britain is about to rock the curves - yeee-freakin'-hah.

Obviously I'd dig a fashion show that catered for ALL women, but'til then, as a member o' girlkind with ample junk in the trunk and a penchant for pretty clothes, the British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend, organized by Trapped in a Skinny World Boutique and one of my favourite magazine's, Evolve, is going to be a huge event - pun totally intended.

I've been plus size since I was told in the school playground 'wow, you're fat', and as a tween girl I was CONVINCED I was going to be a fashion designer - mainly because I figured if I wanted to wear the clothes in the magazines I was reading, I'd have to design them myself. FYI: It's still very much on the life list in fact, it's one o' the reasons I married the Viking, he's killer with a needle and thread and makes all my burly-girl costumes - I know, dude rocks, right? There was no one like me in those magazines either, but now, being a plus-sized girl in the world means my shopping options don't stop at Evans, I'm actually going to be in Fabulous magazine next weekend flaunting my curves - more about that on the blog next week - and the web is positively awash with plus-sized bloggers who are owning their size, dancing to their own plus size beat, pulling killer yoga moves and wearing tight fitting leopard print - high fives to that.

An event like this doesn't just give curvistas - totes just made that up - who rock their style a fist bump for being awesome, it's celebrating the British plus size fashion industry, which I freakin' dig the shit out of. One of the featured designers at the event is inspir-o girl, Syreeta Badu a curvy 27-year old plus size designer who specialises in womenswear for sizes 18-26. She's a London girl who mixes African prints with modern stylin' to create original and flattering pieces, perfect for showing off beautiful full-figured bodies. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

For someone who spent a whole lot of her teens and earlier 20's really hating on her curves but digging fashion, I cannot wait to be part of an event that celebrates flesh and the clothes that emphasizes, hugs and damn right freakin' loves it!

So the event is on the 15th and 16th of February, in Shoreditch, home to tight-jean wearing, slightly pretentious, hipster types, who will, for one weekend only, have to remove their heads from their arses and move to the beat of sashaying hips and heaving breasts - woop, woop!

If you want to join me, visit for all the deets...